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What is Dan Blizerian’s CBD Line

what is dan bilzerians cbd cannabis line

Dan Blizerian’s is a well-known internet personality. You’ve probably seen him when you scroll through your Instagram feed. He’s a professional poker player and lives a pretty lavish lifestyle that will definitely get your attention. This isn’ all that is getting the attention right now though. Dan Blizerian has launched his own cannabis range called […]

What is Ignite CBD and Does Ignite CBD get you high?

does ignite cbd get you high

Ignite CBD is one of the new brands on the block. It is the brainchild of Dan Blizerian, an internet personality. No doubt you’d have seen his flashy lifestyle when you scroll through Instagram. He’s a professional poker player but has found his way into the CBD and cannabis business. In fact, he’s aiming to […]

Can I take CBD During Pregnancy?

Taking CBD while pregnant

Before pregnancy, you may have regularly used CBD. Now that you’ve got a baby on board you might be wondering whether you can take CBD during pregnancy. After all, pregnancy symptoms seem like they might be helped with a dose of CBD. What with the backache, nausea, anxiety, cramps and pains. However, it might be […]