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CBDStar is a team of retail professionals who believe the Cannabis industry is here for the long haul. We’ve worked together for the ‘Vape & Juice’ retail chain and are involved with Black Friday Vape the vaping deals site too. You will always find that our CBD shop offers a free shipping option no matter the size of the basket. That’s our commitment to you. You don’t pay shipping when you visit your local CBD vape juice centre, so why should you pay it when you buy hemp online. It’s these little positive dogmas we think make us a touch more fun to shop with.

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HEad of seo

I am responsible for the day to day tea and coffee preparation. I take it real serious..

Head of retail

Fred’s not given us a photo yet, so here’s our Head of Packaging.


If you’ve read it on the website, I probably wrote it. I have a cat called Mike.

head of marketing

Co-founder of Healthy eating brand ‘The Skinny Kitchen’ and ‘Vape and Juice’. Lead Designer.

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