Best CBD Oil for Period Pain

best cbd oil for period pain

If you suffer on the sofa once a month, clutching a hot water bottle and a bar of Dairy Milk, then no doubt you’ll be desperate for relief. 80% of women suffer from menstrual pain. For some, that means missing days of school or work. Not ideal. While you have probably tried all the painkillers out there, sometimes you want to take a more natural approach. That is why you may be looking into the best CBD oil for period pain.

In this blog, we are going to share some thoughts on how CBD oil for menstrual pain could work, how to use it and which one is the best for the pain. 

cbd for period pain

How to use CBD oil for period pain

We suggest that you use your CBD oil every day, not just during your period. This allows it to build in your system. To use the oil you simply squeeze the contents of the dropper under your tongue or on the inside of your cheek. The oil then makes its way into your bloodstream to help you tackle those period pains.

How does CBD oil help period pain?

CBD has been known to help relax smooth muscle tissue. During your period the smooth muscle tissue in your womb contracts, sometimes causing pain. With this muscle relaxed it should hopefully ease some of the pain. People use CBD oil for chronic pain and inflammation, and there have been many anecdotal studies on how it helps. It is said to react with the bodies endocannabinoid system and change how receptors perceive pain. 

Furthermore, CBD oil can help with other symptoms of periods such as anxiety, mood changes and trouble sleeping. 

What is the best CBD oil for menstrual pain? 

We particularly like a brand called Our Remedy which is designed by women, for women. It is the brainchild of two women, one who suffers from painful periods. CBD has changed both of their lives in some way and they want to share with other females who are suffering. Our Remedy is broad-spectrum. This means that it also contains terpenes which can help with various other ailments. 

Another CBD oil which could be good for period pains is CBD Eaze 3000mg. This is a high strength, full-spectrum CBD oil. This could be ideal if you have a high tolerance to CBD and want to feel the effects. 

Other ways to take CBD

There are many ways to enjoy CBD. You may wish to bake flowers into brownies or top brownies with already vaped bud. Or you could chew gummies, vape it or ingest it in a capsule. Check out our gooey CBD brownie recipe below.

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