Best Ways to Take CBD

Best ways to take CBD

We are often asked what is the best way to take CBD by our customers.

There are so many different methods out there and you may find it a little confusing as to which one is best. The way in which you take CBD depends very much on what you feel comfortable with and what gets you the desired result.

In this blog we are going to share the best ways to take the cannabinoid. We will start with what we believe is the the most effective, moving down to the least effective.

1. E-Liquid

E-liquid is the best way to take CBD as it is bioavailable. It quickly enters the bloodstream and therefore gives an active effect faster. The vape juice goes in your regular vape device but is best suited to basic kits and pod systems. This is because the juice is thinner and can run out of big tanks.

This e-liquid doesn’t contain nicotine, so if you are an ex smoker and are looking for a nicotine fix then you might want a separate device for your CBD.

You can get your CBD e-liquid in different CBD concentrations, from 100mg through to 300mg. You can buy it here.

2. Flowers

Flowers have a high CBD content and a very very low THC content (Lemon Haze is 0.014%). These flowers can be vaped in a dry herb vaporizer, such as the PAX.

Using flowers means that it enters your system almost immediately and is therefore chosen by those who want a fast effect. The flowers are said to help reduce symptoms associated with sclerosis, arthritis pain, some anxiety disorders and more. However, if you have respiratory problems then flowers may not be the right choice for you.

3. Drops

CBD drops are an edible form of the cannabinoid. These oil drops are placed on the side of the mouth where skin is thin, this means that it enters your bloodstream faster.

You will find CBD drops in different concentrations from 250mg through to 2000mg. The concentration you select depends on your need and your tolerance to it. However, it is always best to start off with a lower dose and work your way up. You can buy the drops here.

4. Edibles

Foods containing CBD aren’t necessarily the best way to take the product because of the time it takes to get into the system. However, it does appeal to some people because it is easy and you can keep gummies in your pocket without needing to go outside for a vape.

When you ingest the cannabinoid the acids break down the food and it takes around 30 minutes to get into your system. This might not be ideal if you are in pain and want faster relief.

5. Drinks

You can get CBD teas and even water. Although this is highly watered down and will be diluted quickly. If you are in pain then you might want to opt for something with a higher concentration.

There are some of the ways to take CBD. If you are looking for the best result then consider vaping it or using the drops. You can view our selection of products here.

View our video on the subject below

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