CBD Spain – is CBD legal and where do I buy it?

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CBD is an alternative therapy that has been used for thousands of years. Traditionally people have used it in the form of an oil. However, today there are more products than ever that have been infused with CBD. You can buy CBD e-liquid, food, drinks, tea, beard oil, cosmetics, face creams and more. If you […]

Is CBD legal in NZ?

is CBD legal in new zealand nz

CBD laws can differ from country to country. Some still class CBD under the same category as drugs such as heroin or cannabis. However, CBD is not a drug and has no psychoactive effects. It certainly doesn’t deserve to be categorised alongside heroin! Countries such as South Africa have recently removed CBD from the class […]

Our Self Care, not Selfish Care Philosophy

At CBDStar we believe in self-care, not selfish care. We care about our customers and we care about the world around us. We want to build a trusting and caring relationship with customers, which we demonstrate through our business model.   Our Core Values We are a small business and aim to look after our planet […]

CBD Pods – What are they and where do I buy them?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) comes in many different forms. You can use tincture drops, edibles, bake it into cakes, or vape it using e-liquid, CBD pods or flowers. The different ways in which you take CBD have varied times to work. If you are looking for the fastest way for CBD to take effect then you’d want […]