What is CBD?

What is CBD. We explain what cbd is and where its from

What is CBD? Amongst the noise in the industry sometimes we forget to answer simple questions. We noticed that we hadn’t even answered it in our videos! We put together one, therefore, explaining exactly what it is. If you are more of a reader than a watcher, we have broken down the video’s key points […]

Hemp Farm Bill 2018

hemp farm bill 2018 how to start a cbd franchise

What is the Hemp Farm Bill 2018 The Hemp Farm Bill 2018 was talked up as the biggest game changer in the hemp and cannabis industry coming. The bill essentially made the farming of hemp products legal nationwide in the USA. Hemp would become classified as a grain/commodity. Which is a step change from it’s […]

How do you take CBD oil?

how to take cbd oil blog post

How do you take CBD oil is a breaking out trend on Google search results, and this is likely because some information is unclear. CBD or Cannabidiol is becoming a hotly mentioned product internationally. We wanted to break down how you can take CBD oil. What is CBD oil? CBD oil or Cannabidiol is a […]

CBD Shop in Whitstable

new cbd shop whitstable

CBD Shop Whitstable – As featured in the Whitstable Gazette As has been written about in December’s Whitstable Gazette, we will be opening our first CBD shop on the High Street in January 2019. The article leads with the headline, “Cannabis Shop to open in Whitstable”. We will make very clear, CBDStar only sells those […]