What is Pinene?


What is Pinene

Pinene, also called alpha-pinene is the most common of all the terpenes. I’m betting you could probably guess what this this aromatic terpene smells like…

A pine tree forest.

Pinene is found in pine needles, orange peel and herbs such as parsley, dill and basil. It has a distinct woody and earthy aroma, one that will take you back to forest walks, or Christmas celebrations even.

How do you pronounce pinene?

There is something about this combination of letters that just didn’t roll off the tongue for me. So I headed over to YouTube to get a little help. Here’s how you pronounce Pinene.


English dialect

What is Pinene good for?

  • Antibiotic – these properties of the terpene may help with conditions such as MRSA
  • Improve airflow into the lungs – Pinene may help to open up airways to help with conditions such as asthma
  • Short term memory loss – Pinene works to stop acetylcholinesterase activity in the brain. This basically means that it helps you keep your memories. Ideal if you often get up the stairs and have no idea what you went up for… or is that just me?
  • Anti-inflammatory – Several studies have looked at Pinene as a potential ingredient to anti-inflammatory drugs. Here’s a mice study that shows promise, there are some pretty sciency words here, but it’s worth a look.
  • Anti tumor – There have also been studies to suggest that this terpeniod may stop tumor growth.

You can even find Pinene in your house right now

Because of its fresh scent you will most likely find products with pinene in located in your cleaning cupboard. Things like air freshener, floor cleaner, polish and other cleaning products might contain it for the aroma.

Health benefits of Pinene – is there research?

Pinene has actually got a fair amount of research behind it. Just a scroll through PubMed and you can find studies on the anti inflammatory and anti tumour properties.

Here’s a interesting extract from NCBI research on anti tumor properties

α-pinene is an important terpenoid with anticancer properties against human ovarian cancer cell lines, hepatocellular liver carcinoma cell lines, and N2a neuroblastoma cells [30,31,32]. Synergistic anticancer effects have been demonstrated by α- and β-pinene against NSCLC with paclitaxel (an anticancer drug) using the combination index method and isobologram investigation [27]. A study revealed that α- and β-pinene do not exhibit considerable effects distinctly; however, when coupled with PAC, both constituents increase PAC-stimulated mitotic cell cycle arrest and apoptosis [27].

Antitumor Activity, NCBI
  • Anti-inflammatory studies

One study using mice found that using pinene decreased the activation of macrophages which are immune cells. This then reduced inflammation in body tissue. Read more and get sciency here.

  • Memory studies

According to studies, pinene is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor (and take a breath after that word!) This just means that it has been found to reduce activity in this enzyme which in turn can help with memory.

One study suggests that it is the entourage effect that has the full effect. Which is where you combining terpeniods together.

How is this possible I hear you ask well…

Pinene in CBD oil

Well, enter full spectrum CBD. This contains the whole plant, including terpeniods, CBD, favenoids and of course trace amounts of THC.

In your whole plant CBD oil you will get other terpenes, such as Bisabolol which can help with skin, to add to your benefits.

Using a product which contains the entire plant will mean that there is more possibility for other effects as the whole crew work together.

Where to buy Pinene


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