What is Geraniol?

What is Geraniol?

what is geraniol
What is geraniol?

Geraniol is one of the many terpenoids found in the plant world. They’ve all got their own uses and benefits, and this one is no different. 

You’ll find this particular one in lemons, tobacco and cannabis. It is fresh and fruity smelling with an aroma of rose grass, plums and peaches. 

You wouldn’t be shocked to see this compound as an ingredient in your lotions, cosmetics, purfumes and bath products. 

How to pronounce geraniol

These terps can have some weird old spellings and letter combinations. Here’s how to pronounce geranoil. 


British English dialect

What is Geraniol good for?

This essential oil found within the cannabis plant has some interesting benefits, including:

  1. A fantastic insect repellent – particularly those pesky mosquitos
  2. Effective antimicrobial and anti bacterial properties
  3. Fight inflammation in the body
  4. May help sensitize tumors to chemo
  5. Smells amazing

There we have a really brief look at what this terpenoid may help with. Let’s look further into these health benefits and uses for geranoil. 

Beat the bugs 

Geranoil has been researched to find that it is 5x more effective as an insect repellent than its cousin, citronella. 

Anti bacterial properties 

This compound may work with others in the entourage effect to have anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. Studies have found that geranoil protects against thrush causing fungus. You can read a whole study on this at Research Gate

Fight inflammation and has a protective effect 

One study looked at how geraniol inhibits the inflammatory response and oxitive stress and has a protective effect on animal studies with a spinal cord injury. In the research it was found that geraniol significantly suppressed the SCI induced increase in serum activities.

More on this here

There are other terpenes which work to fight inflammation. Use a full spectrum CBD to experience the entourage effect with eucalyptol, another inflammation-fighting compound.

Anti tumor

There has been evidence to suggest that geranoil supports therapeutic or preventative effects on different types of cancer. This monoterpene also sensitises tumor cells to commonly used chemo agents. This may prevent tumors from developing an adaptive resistance to chemo drug.

More research on this here

Smells amazing

You wouldn’t have to look far in your cleaning cupboard or cosmetics to find something containing geranoil. It is such a fresh and flavourful aroma that it is a fruity addition to lots of consumer products. 

Geranoil in CBD oil


Another place you can find this monoterpene is in CBD oil. As I mentioned a little further up, when it is used in conjunction with other tepenes and CBD it can have the entourage effect. Giving you a bigger bang for your buck, so to speak.

You can buy full spectrum CBD containing terpenes which will contain a number of different compounds which work in synergy to help with various conditions and ailments.

Enhance your CBD experience!

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