What is Limonene

what is limonene

What is limonene?

Limonene is a cannabis terpenoid with a sweet and citrus aroma. It is produced in the cannabis flowers resin glands and can be found in household items such as cleaning products, shampoo, candles and cosmetics.

This terpene changes the aroma marijuana as well as alters the effects. The flavonoids from cannabis plants are called cannaflavins. It is these which give different strains of marijuana their aroma and effects.

How to pronounce this terpeneoid

This one of the terpenes didn’t blow my mind so much with how to pronounce it. But, I thought I would keep the section in, just in case. The word reminds me of when you go on holiday and see a Fanta Lemon.


English dialect

What is limonene good for?

Limonene is thought to offer therapeutic benefits. It is said to reduce stress and lift your mood. This may in turn help to reduce anxiety and sleep issues.

On a larger scale, it is thought to have anti cancer properties.

It is also a flavaouring that is often added to foods, such as drinks and chewing gum.

Research into this compound is ongoing, however, there is some thought around the following:

Anti cancer – D-limonene seems to built up in tumors in people with advanced cancer. High levels of this compound in the tumors has been thought to slow the progress of the cancer.

Obesity – One study involving mice found that when they had an intake of D-limonene the obese mice had a decrease in triglycerides and LDL-cholesterol levels. Read studies on this here.

Stress – Stress causes other issues, such as sleep and inflammation. When inhaled, this terpene is said to help you feel more relaxed. This could be to do with the citrus smell, which is thought to help you destress.

Health benefits – are they well researched?

Research into the health benefits of limonene are ongoing. As it stands, there have been several studies which show promise in how it may help conditions, such as obesity.

The majority of studies have been done on animals or in test tubes, so more human trials are needed. However, those trials have shown interesting results for health benefits.

Of course you can find limonene in your citrus fruit peels, but you can also find it in CBD oil.

Limonene in CBD oil

Limonene is one of the many terpenes present in cannabinoid oil. When the oil contains the whole plant you have the added benefits as the ingredients work in synergy to create the entourage effect.

You might enjoy the anti cancer or de-stress properties of this terpenoid while also enjoying other compounds such as ocimene. Ocimene is used also as an anti tumor, anti convulsant and anti fungal.

Where to buy limonene


You can buy Limonene in CBD oil from CBDstar. Just make sure you’re buying full spectrum, which just means it contains the whole plant. Shop terpenes and enhance the way you use CBD.

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