What is Valencene?

What is Valencene is a question asked by people interested in CBD. Valencene is an organic chemical compound found in many plants, but relevant to this site, the Cannabis plant too.

Valencene Guide to it's benefits

In fact, in any plant, there are dozens and dozens of organic compounds and oils known as terpenes. They are the reason for the aroma, flavour and unique effects of different cannabis strains. More and more research is being done with a focus on various ones and their effects.

In this guide we are going to specifically look at what is Valencene, so let’s get our low-tech science hats on.

What is Valencene found in?

Valencene is found in our day to day life mostly as a flavouring and an adjuvant. If you don’t know what an Adjuvant is, then admittedly we didn’t either. But it’s good.

 …immunological agent that improves the immune response of a vaccine. Adjuvants may be added to a vaccine to boost the immune response to produce more antibodies and longer-lasting immunity.


So when it’s not making the world smell or taste of oranges, it is working away trying to help people in the pharmacological sector. Nice one Valencene!

What is Valencene’s Chemical (yawn) formula

To be thorough we will drop this in here, but I’m sure you’re wondering what valencene can do, more than our need to break up the page with a picture.

What is valencene
What is Valencene

If you have lost the will to live, feel free to check out our next breakdown, where we look at something you get when you drink a proper beer. This one is found in hops…and Cannabis obviously.

What does Valencene smell like?

As a compound that is commonly found within Valencia oranges – hence the name. It is no surprise that this terpene has a citrus aroma with a touch of grapefruit, tangerines and even notes of fresh-cut wood.

So it makes an interesting twist when bought in it’s pure Valencene form and added to vapables.

What is Valencene used for?

Like all terpenes, Valence has its own reported benefits. These include:

  • Repels insects and ticks
  • Anti- inflammatory properties
  • Boosts cognitive function
  • Keeps you alert

Active studies are underway to determine if Valencene can help repair damage to DNA cells and thus help fight gene mutations that can lead to cancers. At this stage the tests are being conducted on chickens, but there are studies that have gone further.

This is the money shot when it comes to a Valencene benefits quote however.

Valencene can be further derivatized into many economically useful sesquiterpenes, such as its oxidation product nootkatone which can inhibit proliferation of cancer cells

Biomed Central

Found in Doxrubicin a chemotherapy drug, it is involved in taking the fight to many forms of Cancer, including:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Bladder Cancer
  • Lymphoma

Where do you find Valencene?

You can find Valencene in a number of our full-spectrum CBD vape juice and tinctures. These juices are made with hemp-derived-CBD that contains trace elements of THC and are therefore widely available for sale.

Next up: What is Humulene – is it REALLY found in beer?

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