Can CBD help Anxiety?

Can CBD help with Anxiety

“Can CBD help with anxiety?” is a question frequently asked.

CBD has been used as an alternative medicine for hundreds of years. It has been found to help with various mental and physical conditions. These conditions include, depression, cancer symptoms, nausea, chronic pain, joint pain and inflammation, anxiety and more.

Do you suffer with anxiety? If so you’ve probably asked “can CBD help anxiety”. We have known it to help lots of people with the condition. There is also lots of anecdotal evidence as well as some scientific research into CBD and anxiety relief.

Where does CBD come from

CBD oil comes from the Cannabis plant. However, don’t let those alarm bells start ringing. CBD is legal. Completely legal. You can buy it online and even on the high street. It does not contain any THC (the part that gets you high), hence it is legal.

How can CBD help anxiety?

There have been lots of larger studies on marijuana and anxiety, however, there are still some on CBD in isolation.

In a small study in 2010 it was found that CBD can help reduce social anxiety disorder (SAD). Subjects given either placebo or CBD during the study. The group which had the CBD had significantly reduced subjective anxiety. In fact, their brains altered the way in which they respond to anxiety.

Studies have also found that CBD oil is a promising treatment for various conditions such as panic disorder, OCD, PTSD and general anxiety.

How do you take CBD for anxiety?

Taken a few different ways, anxiety treatment with CBD offers a number of avenues of use. You can ingest it in food or drink. You can vape it in a CBD e-liquid, you can drop oil in your mouth, or you can use a cream. Personally, we think the best ways to take CBD for the quickest and best effect is either vape or oil drops. This is the fastest way for CBD to enter your bloodstream.

What concentration of CBD should I take?

We recommend that you start off on a lower dosage and see how you get on. You can gradually increase the dosage as you get more used to CBD.

Where can I buy CBD products

You can buy CBD products on our CBDStar website. Here you will find oils, e-liquids and flowers. Have your CBD delivered to you ASAP, using our next day delivery. Click here to shop.

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