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CBD advice is a strength of ours. As a business we understand the importance of offering value before asking for a sale. Therefore we put this section together for you. Any questions you have on CBD that we haven’t answered, hit the webchat. CBDStar is an online shop with local shop values.


What is hemp seed oil and where do I buy hemp seeds Australia?

hemp seed oil where to buy australia

Hemp seed is used to create hemp seed oil. The seeds are pressed to produce an oil which is dark to light green, with a nutty taste. When the colour is darker the flavour will be grassier than the oil with a lighter colour. The seed is legal, as it contains trace amounts of THC, […]

5 Benefits of taking CBD during Chemotherapy

cbd during chemotherapy

CBD during chemotherapy is it a good idea? The statistics regarding cancer are far from encouraging. The estimation is that 30% of people throughout the United States will have to face cancer at some point in their lifetime. According to the same report, the disease will be fatal for 66% of them.  The good news […]

THC Vape Oil – Is it legal in the UK?

thc vape oil is it illegal?

THC vape oil has been making the headlines. People have been getting hold of THC oil and vaping it. As a result of this, there have been a number of cases of lipoid pneumonia AKA “mysterious vaping disease” and deaths.  Lipoid pneumonia is caused by oil getting into the lungs and clogging them up. Vaping […]

What is Dan Blizerian’s CBD Line

what is dan bilzerians cbd cannabis line

Dan Blizerian’s is a well-known internet personality. You’ve probably seen him when you scroll through your Instagram feed. He’s a professional poker player and lives a pretty lavish lifestyle that will definitely get your attention. This isn’ all that is getting the attention right now though. Dan Blizerian has launched his own cannabis range called […]