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CBD Flowers in the UK

What are CBD flowers

You have probably seen CBD in the drops and e-liquid. These are commonly sold in high street stores. However, there are various other ways to take CBD, such as using flowers. CBD flowers look very much like marijuana. However, as with all CBD products they are legal. The buds contain varying amounts of CBD and […]

Is CBD oil better than vaping CBD?

Is CBD oil better than vaping CBD eliquid?

“Is CBD oil better than vaping?” is a pretty loaded question. There are some factors to consider when deciding how to take CBD. You’ll consider how quickly you need it to take effect, what you feel comfortable with and what is most convenient for you. We look at the differences between CBD oil drops and […]

How do I get started Vaping CBD?

how to get started vaping cbd

Vaping CBD is one of the most bioavailable ways to take CBD. This means that it gets into your bloodstream faster than other ways, such as eating the cannabinoid. You want something that is going to take effect quickly, you want to get try vaping CBD, but you don’t know where to start. Do you […]

How to make CBD Brownies

How to make CBD brownies

What if we told you that brownies could help with your pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, headaches, sleep disorders and more? CBD brownies are a delicious way to take CBD and enjoy the benefits it offers. We teamed up with Vape and Juice to make so delicious CBD brownies from ABV, also known as already vaped […]