Whats the best cannabis for meditation and mindfulness?
What are the best cannabis strains for meditation?

With the increasing use of cannabis and meditation, it might seem we are going back to where it all started. These two have co-existed for centuries, with people using them very differently over the years. The medical fraternity has lots of research ongoing to demystify some of the long-held beliefs about these two practices.

Various observers hold that both cannabis and meditation yield significantly, whether used together or each on its own. This notwithstanding, a combination of cannabis and meditation could be just the ingredients needed for healthy, balanced living.

Cannabis strains refer to a variety of naturally-existing properties for both recreational and medicinal purposes. There is a wide range of reasons for picking on particular strains. Here is a sneak peek into some cannabis strains that go well with meditation.

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Hindu Kush

Hindus Kush has an interesting combination of cannabis chemicals that makes it a great choice to enhance meditation. The THC content in the Hindu Kush ranges from 17.4% to 19.7%. In some varieties, it might even go higher.

This strain helps in calming the brain, allowing you to concentrate better. If you want something that will send you into a blissful world, Hindu Kush is the ultimate choice. It is a good sedative for anyone who wants to put a focus on a certain element of life.

This strain grows wildly in parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan along the Hindu Kush mountains. Over the years, it has been blended with other varieties to give the best experience to consumers. It is thus advisable to pick your Hindu Kush combination wisely and settle on what works best with you.

White Death Dubba

White Death Dubba contains 70 percent Indica and 30 percent Sativa. It is a strain closely associated with sedation and pain relief. It is high on THC and, therefore, advisable good for moderate consumption.

Its effects take over the body just as the high advances. It starts with a motivation to work before slowly changing to solitude, silence, and sinking into deep thoughts. This is the perfect situation to guide you into meditation. 

For its highly effective response, Death Dubba works as a medication for anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Its numbing effects helps to relax the muscles.

This is somewhat a delicate strain of cannabis, and even growing it requires some experience. An intermediary or more advanced user will find it particularly helpful.

Double Dream Cannabis Plant Seeds for Sale
Double Dream Cannabis Plant Strain is great for mindfulness

Double Dream

Whenever we think of dreams, our minds stray to a world of calm and tranquility. This strain comes with the same features that allow your mind to have peace, thus making it suitable for meditation. It is one of the strains that you can grow for good yields as a marijuana farmer.

The Double Dream strain hits the body immediately you consume it. Its effects trickle down to the rest of the body slightly faster. It can energize and calm rather fast and also helps to clear the head of anxiety, pain, and even headaches. 

Using Double Dream for meditation will help you to get into the right state with a clear mind and allowing you to focus on what is most important at the moment. Unlike strains that make you chatty, Double Dream sends you into silence and, if consumed in larger quantities, could give you a trance-like feeling. This means you might not be responsive to your immediate surroundings, and this might be the ideal environment for meditation.

The AK47 Strain

People using AK47 strain for insomnia report better sleep when they take cannabis before bedtime. Its origins are not well known, but it has found popularity among users, particularly for its ability to deliver straight forward hits into your system within a short time. However, if you are a beginner, then this might not be the best strain to start with.

The strain is a great social consumable that also delivers a soothing and relaxing effect. The strain can also help as a medical substance for patients suffering from chronic diseases, insomnia as well as eating disorders.

This award-winning cannabis strain emerged top in at least three competitions due to its amazing features. It has high THC levels but falls in the class that can still allow you to go about your business when taken appropriately. With its well-balanced properties, the AK 47 delivers a good bout of energy.

Northern Light

Northern Light has, over time, gained reputations for delivering a combination of pleasures to users. It has found popularity among growers, medical patients, as well as recreational users. A common effect that Northern Light brings about is a numbing, lazy state of mind and body. It will give you the desire to sit back, relax, and reminisce whatever nature has bestowed upon your environment.

By offering these important effects, Northern Light will allow a user to keep calm and meditate for a long time without getting tired. The features also make Northern Light a good choice for the evenings and fighting insomnia. The strain can also help in the treatment of chronic pain and eating disorders. Check out our CBD and Chemotherapy post if you are looking at how Cannabis and Cancer work together or if at all.


Numerous cannabis strains exhibit a wide range of characteristics depending on factors such as the dosage and body metabolism of the user. It might be a daunting task trying to learn everything about each of them. Nonetheless, users get to enjoy similar effects that are good for meditation.

A lot of information is available on almost any cannabis strain you pick on. Most of it touches on their effects and what to expect upon consumption. Mixing the strains with others to achieve your favorite flavor or certain effect is also possible. Therefore, it’s important that you research widely on the background, the ingredients, and any other relevant characteristics before settling on one.

If you are a farming enthusiast with interest in growing any of the cannabis strain, its important that you buy high-quality seeds from reputable sellers. This allows you to get seeds with the high success of germination leading to a good harvest.

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