CBD comes from the cannabis plant and is an alternative way to relieve a variety of illnesses. However, just as you would with prescription drugs, you need to know the answer to can you overdose on CBD? Will taking too much prove fatal?

In 2017 72,000 Americans died due to an illicit or prescription drug overdose. As CBD comes from the cannabis plant, some of which is illegal, you might be wondering whether there is a lethal dose of it.

Can you overdose on CBD?

In 2016 there was a medical cannabis conference. At this conference, it was said that “To date, there has never been a single well-documented case of human fatality attributable to an overdose of cannabis or its components, and no experimental or non-extrapolated LD50 can be attributed to a toxic or lethal overdose.”

To overdose on CBD, you’d need a lot. A hell of a lot. You’d need to consume hundreds of times the daily dose of 30mg in a very short space of time to even risk an overdose.

How much CBD do I need then?

CBD comes in different concentrations, including 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg and 2000mg. The higher the concentration the stronger the CBD will be. We recommend that you start on a lower or average dose as a newbie. Once you have worked out your tolerance you can increase or decrease. Some people have a higher tolerance than others, so don’t just buy what your mate has. Staff at CBDStar will be able to advise you if you’re not sure where to start.

Should I buy a big bottle of CBD?

You can, sure. However, remember that if the concentration is 250mg in a 100ml bottle that is just 0.25% CBD. If you have 250mg in a 10ml bottle it will be 2.5%. So it isn’t always wise to buy bigger. Have a look at our video on CBD vaping mistakes for more tips.

How do I know if I have taken an overdose of CBD?

While it will be tough to overdose on CBD, you might find that if you take too much you feel a bit out of sorts. You might feel confused and tired. Some people suffer from diarrhoea, changes in their appetite and fatigue. If this is the case try switching to a lower dose, or not just vaping it for the sake of vaping. If you find that you’re enjoying vaping then you can always get another tank for your device and fill it with e-liquid, which can be 0mg-18mg nicotine, depending on your needs.

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