CBD dosage- is it really that important to get it right? After all, you can’t overdose on CBD. However, while you can’t OD on CBD, you do want to make sure you get the most from the cannabinoid, and that means finding your own sweet spot. In this article, we take you through how to work out your CBD dosage. We will look at the different factors that influence it, how different delivery methods work and how much is too much.

Factors to consider with your CBD dosage

You might have one friend taking 1000mg CBD per 30ml and another taking 100mg per 30ml and both having the same effects. That is because everyone has a different tolerance to the cannabinoid. Don’t worry about what others say you need, it is very personal and easy to work out using this great cannabis oil dosage calculator. There are a few factors which you will need to take into consideration when you are working out your personal CBD dosage. Which the calculator from Vape and Juice does.
  • Gender
  • BMI
  • Age
  • CBD tolerance

Understand CBD oil strength to get your dosage right

When you buy CBD you will notice that there is a number followed by mg on the product. This is how much pure CBD is in it. Here is a quick way to work out how many mgs of CBD are in each pipette. Total CBD in the bottle / number of millilitres in bottle = mgs of CBD in each pipette Let’s give you an example. 1000 / 30ml = 33.33mg per dropper Here is where you need to make sure you are getting a good deal. You might see a massive bottle, say 100ml, and the CBD is 500mg. This means, per dropper, you are getting a smaller CBD dosage of 5mg per dropper.

Other ways to take CBD

There are lots of other delivery methods for CBD now, such as food, drinks, sweets, oils, creams, vapeable oils and more. Each of the methods will have a different time that it takes to have an effect. Vapeable CBD liquid is the fastest delivery method, whereas food and drinks will take around 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on how much you have eaten. When you consider your dosage for products other than CBD oil or vape liquid, you need to remember that it may take a little longer to have an effect, particularly if you are using edibles. It may not mean that your dose is too low. Wait an hour, if you still are not feeling the effects then enjoy another sweet or purchase a pack with a high CBD content, such as these from 1CBD.

What CBD dosage should I start with?

We always suggest that you start with a lower dose. Maybe half a pipette, or something on the lower end of mg’s per bottle. This way you can work out your tolerance and gradually increase it over time. Otherwise, you might splash out on a high mg bottle, only to find it is too strong for you.

How much is too much?

You can’t overdose on CBD. However, if you have more than you need, users have reported feeling sleepy and a little sick, particularly when taken on an empty stomach.

Tips for getting your dose right

  • Start low, with either mg or mls taken
  • Wait the appropriate time for the cannabinoid to have an effect
  • Record how you feel and how much you took
  • Increase/decrease the mg or ml taken if you need to

Should I use strong CBD if my symptoms are bad?

If you are in a lot of pain, or feeling very anxious, then you might want to increase your dose for that day. However, always start low, and over a few days increase it. Still not sure how much CBD to take? Have a look at a CBD dosage calculator and it will do the work for you!

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