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Are there benefits of taking CBD during Chemotherapy?

CBD during chemotherapy is it a good idea? The statistics regarding cancer are far from encouraging. The estimation is that 30% of people throughout the United States will have to face cancer at some point in their lifetime. According to the same report, the disease will be fatal for 66% of them. 

The good news is that many of them will get to live for years before cancer gets them. The scientists are exploring new forms of treatment that could improve the survival rate, and assist in dealing with cancer.

Chemotherapy is the primary treatment form for different types of cancer. The process is, however, exhausting and it can have various adverse effects for the patient. That is why patients have been exploring marijuana as a way to help during chemo. Let’s take a look at the five potential benefits of cannabis during chemotherapy.

Nausea and vomiting

It is essential to mention that marijuana can primarily help to deal with the side effects of chemotherapy. One of the most common issues that bother patients is that chemo makes them nauseous and causes vomiting.  

The FDA has approved two medications made of synthetic cannabinoids – nabilone and dronabinol. Patients might consider these drugs to ease the symptoms of nausea and vomiting. 

However, many doctors only resort to them once other medications for nausea prove ineffective. Although the scientists should still conduct large human studies, personal experiences that patients shared to confirm that marijuana can assist in feeling less nauseous during and after chemo treatments.

Pain Relief

does cbd help with nausea
Does Cannabis help with pain relief?

If you have ever consumed CBD products or recreational cannabis, you might be aware that it can provide pain relief. Pains related to cancer can appear throughout the body during chemotherapy. 

The patients consider this to be extremely important as the pain can affect their sleep quality, and prevent them from resting for the next chemo sessions. They use hash and other CBD products to relieve the pain.

Today, you can find a topical cream containing CBD and other cannabinoids. As soon as you apply this cream to the affected area, you experience pain relief. Additionally, our body doesn’t develop tolerance to cannabis. That means this plant remains a more reliable option for pain relief than OTC medicines. Apart from this, Cannabis also helps in treating various physical disorders like krill oil dosage for arthritis. Once you consume cannabinoids, they start binding to the receptors of our endocannabinoid system. That way, they block users to feel the pain. Additionally, cannabis can assist in dealing with inflammation up to some extent. Since that is probably the primary cause of pain, it means marijuana is also helpful to prevent pain from appearing in the future. Which is why we are now discussing if CBD during chemotherapy can work.

Appetite Improvement

Chemotherapy affects patients in multiple different ways. Most of them go through a significant weight loss. In most cases, a lack of appetite causes patients to lose weight. It is not easy to improve your appetite while you are attending chemo sessions.

However, some reports indicate that cannabis acts as an appetite booster. That is because it has multiple benefits that might help to improve your appetite. Apart from providing pain relief and reducing nausea, marijuana can also help you to feel relaxed and less anxious, as well as promote sleep quality. The fact that people can now buy weed online with their prescriptions is very helpful in improving their appetite.  Once you get all those issues out of the way, all obstacles to wanting to eat will be removed.

You can consider adding top indica seeds to your diet for their nutritional value, too. They contain a generous amount of nutrients, which can help to secure the optimal intake of some ingredients your system needs to function properly. These nutrients are particularly essential when you are going through a demanding process like chemotherapy.

Relaxation and Mental Break

can cannabis help during cancer treatment

The entire idea of dealing with chemotherapy and cancer is difficult to process. Although chemo sessions are physically demanding, they are also difficult mentally. Those that are not as strong may have a problem to calm themselves and find the motivation to continue.

When you feel exhausted or in need of a break, cannabis may assist you to get the needed relaxation. The benefits of medical marijuana include anxiety and stress relief, which will give you a mental break you need between chemo sessions. It can prove vital to generate energy for the upcoming treatments and feel better overall. Vaping also helps in dealing with stress and you can look for best cbd e-liquid to buy online after having a complete knowledge about it.

It seems that feminized cannabis seeds are becoming extremely popular these days. However, it is up to you to choose your favorite strain and product that works best for you.

Antitumour Response

Apart from helping to deal with the side effects of chemotherapy, there are specific indications that cannabis can assist in managing cancer itself. However, it is vital to note that all these indications are based on studies conducted on animals.

The Foundation Canna, which funds and conducts studies on cannabis and its effects pinpoints that only additional human studies can confirm the efficiency of marijuana as an antitumor drug.

There is, however, a trial in Germany and the United Kingdom that focused on mixing Sativex and temozolomide in treating recurring glioblastoma. Sativex is a drug that contains both CBD and THC. 

The detailed results still haven’t been published, but the company issued a press release that indicates the two drugs didn’t interact negatively.

Can you combine CBD during chemotherapy with conventional therapy?

It is the above study that confirmed there are no negative interactions when consuming cannabinoids along with conventional treatment. Additionally, you can find many patient’s experiences that emphasize the benefit of cannabis during chemo.

They haven’t reported any problems or negative interactions, but the only positive effect of resorting to medical marijuana during therapy.

There is no doubt that the approach of using cannabis is relatively new, and many are still wary of it because marijuana has a negative public image. Fortunately, the supporters of the plant have managed to improve the image that has become negative for no valid reason. This has made many sit up and recognise that CBD during chemotherapy may be a sensible idea.

The scientific community is now interested in cannabis benefits more than ever before. Many studies have been conducted or started in the last several years. The research will provide more evidence in using cannabis in treating different diseases and conditions. The chances are we will see medical marijuana even more present as a form of treatment, which means this plant could prove to be an integral part of managing chemotherapy, cancer, and other health-related issues.

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