It’s the start of a new decade. We’re entering 2020 and feeling more motivated than ever. More motivated to get ahead with work, sort out our sleep, manage our anxieties and of course, get fit…

CBD for goals

Setting goals is important as it gives you a focus. A new year seems like the perfect time to start on those goals. You get a calendar reset, a fresh start. You probably haven’t thought that CBD can help you with your goals. But, we’re here to tell you how it could be the missing link between you and your end game.

In this blog, we will set out some common goals, and explain how you may find CBD helpful to you achieving them in 2020. Before you read on, if you are wondering what CBD can do for your whole family we covered it here:

Goal – CBD to Sleep better 

Adults should get around 7-9 hours. However, with distractions like 24-hour work email access, Netflix and daily stress, getting that much sleep might seem like a pipe dream. There are ways to enter 2020 with better sleep habits, which will, in turn, affect various other areas of your life. 

CBD may help with this particular goal. CBD has been found to help with sleep disorders such as insomnia or those with conditions that prevent them from getting to and staying asleep. One clinical professor and neurosurgeon at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center noted that CBD has properties that may help people get to sleep. It reduces pain and anxiety, which can make it hard to get to sleep and stay asleep.

CBD has also been considered to directly affect sleep due to the way it interacts with brain receptors that control sleep and wake cycles. 

You might choose to take CBD oil drops before you hit the hay, or you could enjoy a warm bath with a CBD bath bomb fizzing away in it. 

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Other ways to enjoy a good night sleep include:

  • Lavender oil in a bath or on your pillow
  • Avoid exercise too close to bedtime
  • Avoid caffeine after lunch
  • Set yourself a bedtime and have a routine
  • Stay away from your phone when it is bedtime
  • Read a book to help you wind down

Goal – Get fit 

Get fit is quite possibly the most popular goal that is set in the New Year. Gyms get the majority of their sign-ups in January, compared to the rest of the year. CBD actually works with your get fit goal. 

You might have heard that CBD can help to reduce pain and inflammation. Have you ever been to the gym or exercised only to feel too sore to go for the rest of the week? This break can throw you off your routine and you can easily find yourself missing sessions… Not ideal when you are chasing a get fit goal.

CBD can help with this goal as it can reduce the pain and inflammation caused when your muscles have tiny micro-tears from a workout. This will allow you to get in the gym, a class or out for a run, sooner. The fewer gym sessions you miss the closer you will be to reaching your 2020 get fit goal.

In turn, this can also help with weight loss. In order to lose weight, you need to be in a calorie deficit. You can achieve this from exercise or dropping your food intake. If you are choosing to exercise to get into a calorie deficit then the more you work out in a week, the better this will be. Being too sore from a gym session could really set you back.

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Goal – Get the promotion at work or a new job

Maybe 2020 is the year that you finally get that promotion. Therefore CBD may be able to indirectly help with this goal. If you are someone who doesn’t speak up too much in meetings or presentations due to anxiety, despite having good ideas, then you’ll be interested in this point. Or maybe, you just can’t seem to beat interview nerves.

CBD has been found to help reduce social anxiety. In a blind study, there were two groups. One group was given CBD, the other a placebo. They were then given a public speaking task. Those who were given the CBD said they felt much less anxious than those who took the placebo. 

Presentations, interviews and meetings can cause anxiety. If this causes you to freeze up then CBD may help you to get ahead in your career in 2020.

Goal – Reduce stress

Stress, anxiety and depression now make up 43.8 per cent of all workplace illness. That’s pretty high. If you are stressed then it will impact both your work and home life. If your goal is to reduce stress then CBD may be just the ticket. 

CBD has been found to help reduce cortisol levels and it may promote feelings of calm. When you feel less stressed it will have a positive effect on other parts of your life. 

Will CBD get me high?

You probably know that CBD is derived from the cannabis plant. This may have led you to wonder, will CBD get me high? CBD contains no THC or less than 0.2%, so it will not get you high. 

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How best to take CBD for goals?

There are many ways to take CBD. Here are just a few products you might consider:

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