CBD (Cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid that has been found to have numerous therapeutic benefits, for the whole family. While it does come from the cannabis plant it contains no THC, or just trace amounts (less than 0.2%). Therefore, in most countries, such as the UK, it is legal.

CBD for family

CBD can be used by the whole family to help with various symptoms and ailments they may suffer from. As CBD contains little to no THC it will not have psychoactive effects, so there is no need to worry about getting the whole family “high”.

This natural remedy has been found to help with conditions such as:

  • Epilepsy
  • Sleep disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Autism
  • Nausea
  • ADHD
  • Eczema and skin problems 
  • Period pains and endometriosis flare-ups
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Menopause symptoms

CBD for the family – CBD for kids 

is it legal to give my adhd child cbd oil

The health of your little one is most likely up in your highest priorities. As we have previously mentioned, the cannabinoid will not get your child high or have any of the side effects that cannabis has. 

You might consider giving your child CBD if they suffer from ADHD, autism, epilepsy or sleep disorders. Research into all of these areas is still ongoing, however, there has been a great deal of anecdotal evidence from parents. 

CBD for epilepsy in children

Epilepsy is one of the most researched areas when it comes to CBD. In the UK medical cannabis has been made legal. This means that specialist doctors are able to prescribe it to help treat epilepsy. 

There is, however, no evidence to suggest that THC has any additional benefit. Which suggests that CBD alone should be sufficient, which you can buy in the UK without a prescription. 

One study found:  “Patients taking a 10-milligram (mg) daily dose of pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol (CBD) experienced nearly as great a reduction in seizures as patients on 20 mg, and with fewer side effects, said lead researcher Dr. Orrin Devinsky.”  

Is it safe to give my kids CBD?

CBD is not known to have negative side effects. However, if you are concerned, talk to your doctor or health professional. 

How do I give my kids CBD?

There are a number of ways to give your child CBD. The best ways include CBD oil drops daily or a CBD gummy sweet. However, you can also consider CBD capsules or mixing it into food.

CBD for the family – CBD for teenagers

Taking CBD during exams is it a good idea

Teenagers may also benefit from taking a daily dose of CBD. Teenagers go through physical and mental stress, with body changes and exams. CBD can help to reduce some of the symptoms they may face during this time in their lives. 

Exam anxiety and general anxiety:

During teenage years exam stress really gets underway. Taking a dose of CBD daily can help to reduce anxiety that teens may feel during this time. Feeling more relaxed entering an exam situation will help to keep the mind focused on answers, rather than panic setting in.

There has been research into how CBD can help with social anxiety, this includes public speaking. If your teen is anxious about speaking up in class or amongst their peers, then CBD could help. 

Period pains:

Teenage girls are said to potentially have more painful periods. This is due to the hormonal changes going on in their bodies. CBD can help to reduce period pain as it relaxes the smooth muscle tissue, which is what lines the uterus, contracts and causes cramping. It can also change the way in which your brain perceives pain. 

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Furthermore, CBD has been known to help regulate mood and ease PMS symptoms. As hormones change in teenage years PMS symptoms can be heightened. 

Acne and skin problems:

As a teen, acne and skin issues can cause low confidence. CBD has been found to help with acne, psoriasis, and eczema. The cannabinoid is an anti-inflammatory and can help to reduce inflammation and redness, therefore can be useful in the treatment of skin issues. 

CBD can also be used if suffering from acne. It works by reducing the production of sebum and fighting bacteria on the skin. The soothing properties can help to reduce breakouts and calm the skin. 

CBD for the family – CBD in your 20’s 

Can CBD help with hangovers

In your 20’s you’ll be thinking about careers, nights out and possibly university. CBD can help you through all of this too, yep, even the hangovers

CBD for your hangover 

A hangover is never a treat. Headaches, nausea, trouble sleeping and even beer fear. Thankfully, CBD is a natural remedy for all of these symptoms. It can help to ease your nausea, CBD triggers 5-hydroxytryptamine-1A that reduces the sensation of nausea. 

As we’ve mentioned, CBD can also help with your anxiety and help you to relax into a much-needed sleep. Alongside a few glasses of water and some beige food, you should start to feel much more human. 

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CBD for your career

If you are someone who gets stressed before an interview, then you might find that CBD just helps to calm those nerves. When you are feeling less nervous you will be better able to ace your interview without too many “ums and ahs”.

CBD for university 

If you suffer from social anxiety then CBD could be your ticket. CBD can help ease your social awkwardness and get you feeling brave enough to meet the others in your class, speak in front of them, and make new friends. 

One study found that people who took 600 milligrams (mg) of CBD experienced significantly less social anxiety than people who took a placebo.

CBD for depression

Sadly, the late teens and early 20s are a key time for depression to set in. Experts have reason to believe that CBD benefits depression due to its positive effect on serotonin receptors.

Depression is connected to low serotonin levels. Cannabidiol won’t boost these levels, however, it can affect how your brain’s receptors respond to the serotonin in your system already. 

CBD for the family – CBD for pets

Is it safe to give dogs cbd oil

CBD literally is for the whole family. It may even have a place in your pet’s life. If your furry friend suffers from pain, separation anxiety, arthritis or epilepsy then it could be the natural remedy you’re looking for. 

CBD is being found to be a great pain killer for both humans and pets. Studies have found that the CBD intake can stop the absorption of anandamide which can reduce pain sensations. This could be ideal for your pet if they are suffering from achy joints or cancer symptoms.

The cannabinoid interacts with CB2 receptors which are inside immune cells. This helps to fight inflammation and in turn, reduce pain. 

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CBD for Parents 

Will CBD help with studying for my exams

As a parent, you might find that your health and wellbeing comes right at the bottom of the list. However, as a parent, you will still be facing some of the issues which the rest of your family are dealing with. 

Mums – CBD is being used by many women to help their symptoms of menopause, such as sleep issues, anxiety, low mood, joint stiffness, aches, pains, and headaches.

Low mood, hot flashes, and anxiety can be helped by CBD due to the way in which it interacts with serotonin. Therefore your aches and pains can be reduced due to the interaction with CB receptors in the human body. 

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Final note

CBD could be used for the whole family as a natural and alternative remedy. So here’s are our tips for taking CBD or giving it to the family:

  • Buy from a reputable source who share certificate of analysis
  • Buy the correct dose, start low and increase over time 
  • Take it in the way you enjoy most, such as vaping, oil drops, edibles, drinks or capsules
  • Use it daily for the best effect

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