Quitting smoking is not easy. It isn’t only the nicotine that is addictive, over time you’d have built up habits around smoking that can be hard to break. You may have heard of vaping as a way to quit smoking and you have probably also heard of CBD. But, can vaping CBD help me quit smoking?

Vaping is 95% safer than smoking cigarettes. It is a method that has helped 1000’s of people to successfully quit the fags. It allows you to keep up the act of smoking, get some nicotine but without the nasty cancer causing chemicals.

CBD does not contain nicotine. However, it can help you to quit smoking in a few different ways.

Ways CBD can help you quit smoking

One being that vaping CBD or nicotine e-liquid allows you to keep up the act of smoking. You can still go for your vape breaks and keep up those routines you have built.

However, there is more to how CBD can help you quit smoking.

The research on CBD to quit smoking

In a study by University College London researchers looked at the endocannabinoid system and nicotine addiction. The study involved 24 smokers. The group were split in two, group 1 was given a vape with a placebo and group 2 was given a vape with CBD in it. Both groups were instructed to use their vape everytime they desired a cigarette. They were allowed to still smoke, if they wanted to.

After a week the group 1 who had the placebo said they still smoked the same number of cigarettes. However, the group who had the CBD said the reduced how much they smoked during the study by 40%.

This shows that vaping CBD can help to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked, helping you to cut down and eventually quit.

You might even use a nicotine e-liquid alongside your CBD. You will need to keep these separate though. If you are going down this route then make sure you have two tanks, one for CBD and one for nicotine vape e-liquid.

CBD can also help with a variety of other conditions. These condition include, anxiety, PTSD, depression, cancer, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, headaches, nausea and more.

What vape kit do I need for CBD?

For vaping CBD you will want a quite basic kit. You won’t be doing tricks or have any need for huge clouds. One to consider is a basic pod system such as the Aspire AIO. It is easy to use, works well with CBD and is nice and compact. View it here.

If you are looking to reduce your cigarette intake and eventually stop, check out CBD to see if it could help you quit.

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