Yes, CBD can help you sleep and with sleep disorders. However, that doesn’t mean you need to use it before bed in order to get the benefits from it. CBD helps you sleep by helping you manage the cause of your sleepless nights – stress.

Our lives are more stressful than ever.

CBD Sleep

Gone are the days when you leave the office at 5 and forget about it until tomorrow. We’re living in a 24-hour world, where we can always be on. Emails can reach us out of office hours. People can call us anytime, including the boss. Our working day is no longer defined by 9-5.

Not only that, but we’re all guilty of rushing from place to place, particularly if you live in a city or town. All of this impacts our stress levels, without taking into account intense exercise, deadlines and social lives.

Interesting fact. Did you know Netflix’s biggest competitor isn’t another TV streaming service? It’s sleep.

How can CBD help you sleep?

CBD helps you sleep in two ways. First of all, it has an anxiolytic effect and releases norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin. All of which are feel-good chemicals. Feel good, feel less stressed.

CBD also has a neurogenerative effect and improves cognitive function. Perfect if you are feeling overwhelmed thinking about solving problems or tasks for the day ahead. No more tossing and turning, going over and over things.

Do I vape CBD before bed?

No, it isn’t necessary to need to vape CBD before bed. Use CBD anytime during the day to help you get to sleep. You can also try using full spectrum CBD which provides added benefits to using CBD isolate. This provides you with the added bonus of terpenes found within the cannabis plant. Find out about these here.

How shall I take CBD to help me sleep?

The most bioavailable ways to take CBD is to vape it or use the drops on the inside of your cheek or under your tongue. This enters your bloodstream quicker than other methods. There are other ways, such as edibles and creams, however, it takes much longer to get into your system. Not only that, but edibles will also mix the CBD with digestive juices, making it less concentrated.

However, the best way to take CBD for sleep or anything else, is how you feel it works for you.

Can CBD help sleep disorders

Research has found that CBD has therapeutic potential to improve insomnia. It also has shown promise in helping REM behaviour disorder in people with Parkinson’s and those who suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness.

People who suffer from sleep issues due to anxiety can also benefit from the use of CBD. Anxiety, OCD and PTSD have all been found to be reduced with the use of CBD. In a study involving 72 adults with anxiety and poor sleep, it was found that when using CBD their anxiety scores decreased and sleep scores improved.

CBD may help those who suffer from REM behaviour disorder. This is a condition that causes people to act out during a dream when in the REM phase of sleep. Usually, during REM the body is still and basically paralysed. This prevents people from acting out their dreams, beyond the odd twitch. When someone has REM behaviour disorder they are risking injuring themselves or others as they act out dreams, or walk in their sleep.

Where can I buy CBD to help me sleep?

You can buy CBD here. You have the option of various concentrations and types, from tincture drops and e-juices to CBD flowers. Click here to see how you choose the correct concentration when you are just starting to buy CBD.

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