CBD has been a rising star in the last year. It has shown promise in helping with conditions such as pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, epilepsy and more. You might be starting to think that there is nothing that CBD can’t help with. In fact, it can actually help you to lose weight too.

In this blog, we tell you about a man who lost 21llbs in just a month with the help of CBD. If you are someone who is looking to shift some pounds and improve your health and fitness, then read on to hear how CBD might help you drop some pounds. 

CBD weightloss

The goal

David wanted to drop some body fat as quickly as possible without a crash diet. He decided to combine training, healthy eating and CBD to help him reach his goal.

The plan

  • Reach 10k steps a day
  • Walk to and from work Monday to Friday 
  • A daily exercise session, even just 10 minutes
  • Take CBD each day
  • Stop eating 3 hours before bedtime
  • Go to bed on the same day woke up

10k steps a day

Ten thousand steps daily is what seems to be standard advice across the fitness industry. It is a good number to aim for, particularly if you have a desk job or are quite inactive during the day. Roughly, 10k steps translates to 5 miles. However, this would depend on your stride length and other factors.

lose weight with CBD, fitbit

David hit his step count every day. On the days when he didn’t walk to and from the office, he would make sure to get out on the weekends or make more effort to be active in the house. It’s pretty amazing how many steps you can do up and down the stairs at home.

Walking to and from work 

By walking to and from work you will not only save money on parking and petrol, but you also get some endorphins going before you get into the office. 

“At first it seemed like a ridiculous journey, three miles there and three miles back. But I just put on a podcast and learned something new every day while burning calories and improving my fitness.”

By ditching the car for a month, David was able to easily bank some calories with the 6-mile round trip to work. Adding exercise into a commute is a great way to help boost a calorie deficit. 

Daily exercise session

An exercise session was on the cards every day. This could have been a 10-minute ab session at home or following a quick YouTube video. Other times it was an efficient trip to the gym. This meant focussing on one muscle group and performing high reps.

“I’d focus on specific muscle groups and doing things slower rather than doing every single muscle group. I’d even do things like a jog on the spot between sets. I’d leave my phone in the car too, so I could get in and out as quickly as possible.”

Training and using CBD

The fact that David was training specific muscle groups meant that he wasn’t overtraining. If he was hitting up the same muscles daily it could cause fatigue. This is a key point for when you take on this challenge. Make sure you are careful not to overtrain as this can lead to injury and loss of motivation. 

Take CBD every day 

CBD has been found to help with pain and inflammation. If you are someone who has trained before, then you’ll know the feeling of DOMS. DOMS, or delayed onset muscle soreness, is caused by tiny micro-tears in the muscles, caused by exercise. This is natural and how your body builds muscle fibres bigger and stronger. 

However, if you are training often, DOMS might be what holds you back from doing your next exercise session. CBD can help to reduce the pain and inflammation, allowing you to get back into the gym sooner. 

“The main thing that CBD helped me with was the recovery. If you are exercising every day or walking every day then it helps to reduce that pain. It stopped me from waking up and thinking, ‘I can’t do this for another day’. Every day was basically a hike, and CBD really helped me keep the focus and energy for it.”

CBD can help with sleep too, which is a huge part of recovery. This helped with the part of the plan that was going to bed on the same day woke up. As someone who struggles to switch off, David found that CBD really helped him to get his head down.

“I was even waking up earlier, ready to go for the day!”

 day weight loss challenge

Stop eating 3 hours before bedtime

Having an eating window prevents late-night snacking and eating unnecessary calories. This is probably the time you’d reach for high fat, high sugar snacks over a nutritious meal. This helps to create a calorie deficit. 

Peanut butter rice cakes healthy snacks

In order to work out how much of a calorie deficit David needed to be in, he worked out how much weight he wanted to lose in llbs. From there, he worked out how many calories that was. Finally, he divided that number by 30 days. This gave him a daily calorie deficit to aim for. David then kept a food diary to keep track of calories and make him more conscious of his intake. 

After 30 days with the help of training, adequate nutrition and CBD, David lost a massive 21llbs. 

What CBD should I try for weight loss?

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