When you look into buying CBD you may have a few questions. How should I take CBD? Will CBD work for me? and What CBD oil concentration should I use?

CBD has been known to help with various health issues, both physical and mental. For instance, CBD can relieve depression and anxiety, cancer symptoms and seizures.

CBD products contain CBD concentration measured in mg, this is the number you will see on the web page alongside the product. In this blog you can learn about concentrations of CBD and which would be best for you and your needs.

250mg CBD Oil

250mg is the lowest concentration of CBD oil in stock.

This dose will be used by beginners, or those trying to gauge how their body reacts to it. Some users are very sensitive to CBD and therefore only ever need to go up to anything above 250mg.

However, it is also used regularly by people who have conditions such as mild anxiety, aches and pains. Others may decide to use the 250mg CBD oil for daily use to help to improve their body balance and immune health.

500mg CBD Oil

The next concentration of CBD Dispensary oil drops is 500mg. You might use this if you had tried 250mg and found that you were getting through too much in order to get the desired result.

Generally, users find 500mg helps with conditions such as moderate pain, inflammation, anxiety and digestive problems.

1000mg CBD Concentration

This contains a high dose of CBD. Clients have used it to help with issues such as seizures, chronic pain, relieving cancer symptoms, Parkinson’s, depression, panic attacks and more.

You will want to consider working your way up to 1000 mg just to see how your body reacts. You could be someone who is very sensitive to it, in which case 1000mg might be too much for you.

The Mothership of 2000mg

This is the strongest CBD concentration of the lot that we stock, and the price reflects the concentration.

2000mg would be best suited to you if you have tried CBD before and you know that you are not sensitive to it. You could find that CBD in higher concentrations has a more positive effect on chronic pain, seizures, depression and other health issues.

Still feel unsure on what to buy? Why not stop by one of our stores or drop us a message online detailing the condition you are seeking CBD to help with.

Find out more about CBD here.

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