You might have heard how CBD oil shows promise in helping conditions such as pain, inflammation and depression. However, the list doesn’t end there. There are some things that CBD may be able to help with, that you might not have considered. 

In this blog, we are going to look at a few conditions and symptoms that CBD may help with, that might not always make the standard lists. 

Cannabidiol for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

CBD oil and OCD

OCD, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, is a cycle of compulsions and obsessions that can really impact people’s lives. It isn’t just about liking to keep a clean house, the disorder goes much deeper than that and causes much distress.

In the US, 1.2% of adults have been diagnosed with OCD, with over 80% of those suffering from moderate to serious impairment. There are treatments available and therapies, however, can CBD help with OCD?

Can CBD oil help with OCD?

OCD sufferers face intrusive thoughts that trigger distress. The sufferer will then have to perform certain compulsions in an effort to control the obsessions.

CBD has been found to help with a number of different conditions and illnesses, including depression, PTSD, anxiety, and panic attacks. It has even been shown to help reduce symptoms of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and manic depression. 

How can CBD help with OCD?

CBD can help to calm the mind and the overactive chemicals in the brain. If you are someone who suffers from OCD then you will enjoy the relief that CBD may be able to give you. Not only that, but it also regulates mood and helps your body to use its serotonin. 

How do you take CBD for OCD?

You can take CBD a number of different ways. You can use CBD oil drops under your tongue, vape CBD e-liquid, gummies or other edibles, drinks, teas and more.

The most bioavailable way to take the cannabinoid for fast effects will be vaping it using a vapouriser. The second fastest way is using oil drops. 

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Should I try CBD oil for OCD?

CBD is a natural remedy, so you will not be adding man-made chemicals to your system. However, it is always best to check that it will not interact with medicines that you are currently on, so check this first.

CBD for Hangovers 

CBD oil hangover

When you’ve got a banging head, a stomach in knots, not to mention the beer fear, you’re probably searching for a hangover cure.

While the best hangover cure is to abstain from alcohol, it isn’t the most fun option. You might have heard that CBD can help a hangover, could this be true? Could a few vapes on a CBD e-liquid or a couple of CBD oil drops help your hangover?

How will CBD help a hangover?

It is all well and good saying that it can help, but how? When you’ve been knocking back the tequila and espresso martinis chances are you’re going to have a few symptoms the next day. Chances are you’ll have a headache, be feeling nauseous, maybe a little anxious and unable to get back to sleep. CBD can help manage these symptoms.


CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body. Through this interaction, it changes the way in which we manage pain. There is ongoing research into this reaction, however, we have heard from lots of customers how it helps with pain. If you have a headache then CBD could help you to manage the pain, without having to take a cocktail of painkillers.


CBD oil has been used by people undergoing chemotherapy to help with nausea and people with motion sickness. If you are feeling sick from one too many spirits then having a few drops of CBD on your tongue could be a little relief.


We can all suffer from that morning after anxiety. After all, alcohol is a depressant, it might not make you feel bright and happy the next day! CBD has been researched for its help with anxiety sufferers.

CBD oil can help to relax the body and reduce anxious feelings. One study involved 2 groups of people. One group were given a placebo and the other CBD. They were then asked to speak in a public setting. Those who took CBD unknowingly said that they felt less anxious than the other group.


Ever had the 6 am curse? Where you wake up and 6 and just can’t get back to sleep? Well CBD can help you to relax so that you can nod off again. It is used by people with sleep disorders, such as insomnia. CBD can help you to relax and nod off, just what you need after a heavy night.

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body. Through this interaction, it changes the way in which we manage pain.

CBD oil and other delivery methods show promise as a hangover solution. It can help you to manage the symptoms so that you can get some sleep, reduce the headache, nausea and anxiety. If you are looking for a way to cure your hangover have a look at CBD e-liquid or CBD oil drops.

CBD for Autism 

cbd oil autism

Autism spectrum disorder (ADS) is a range of neurodevelopmental disorders that can have an effect on behaviour and communication. Those with ADS often have specific interests, repetitive behaviours, lack of empathy, sleep disorders and more.

CBD oil and Autism is a new topic that is being researched. In this blog, we share some of this information.

CBD for autism research 

Researchers have found new evidence to suggest the medical cannabis can be an alternative therapy for children on the autism spectrum.  Researchers treated autistic children with CBD and in 80% of the children in the study improved.

There have also been a number of other studies which point to CBD for autism being beneficial to children.

In a study by Remedy Review, parents were asked questions about their children’s behaviour. This questionnaire found that 50% said that their children had impulse control issues and a short attention span. 45% said that their children were hyperactive and 45% said they’d hope CBD would improve their child’s mood. Another 35% said their child didn’t sleep well and 30% said they had trouble communicating.  

Once the children had started using CBD oil there were some notable benefits. 54% said that their child had a more positive mood. 53% said their child was less anxious and 45% said their child was less stressed. Another benefit is better sleep and improved communication. 

Is CBD for autism legal?

CBD comes from the cannabis plant, however, it will not get you “high”. It doesn’t contain THC which is the psychoactive part of the plant. Due to this, it is legal to buy and sell CBD, online and on the high street. You might notice that some CBD has a low percentage of THC, this is called a full spectrum. This means that you get a legal amount of THC that won’t get you high, along with various terpenes which have their own benefits.

How should my child take CBD for autism?

CBD can be taken in a number of different ways. For children, you might want to consider CBD oil| CBD drops on the tongue (tincture drops) or edibles.

You can bake CBD into brownies or cupcakes, however, as an everyday solution, you might be best using the tincture drops. Start off on a lower dose and see how the child reacts to it. Some people have a higher tolerance to others so start low and you can always increase the dose.

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