One question we are asked by people who are dieting or into health and fitness is: does CBD break a fast?

There are lots of diets based on the principles of fasting and they go alongside some interesting research. Fasting can help your body use its own cells for fuel. If you are fasting as a weight loss aid then you will benefit from cutting out the calories of a meal.

The research and success stories prompt dieters and health conscious people to try diets such as the 16/8 diet, dry fast, water fast or the 5:2.

Research on a fast

One study looked at two groups of rats. One group were fed a normal diet and then given chemotherapy drugs, the other group were starved for the day before their chemotherapy drugs. Those who fasted before the chemo were up and about the next day with energy. The other group who ate a normal diet were sluggish. The theory for this is that the sluggish rats had the old cells whereas the other group had fueled the body on those old cells and generated new ones.

Will fasting be broken with CBD oil?

If the body senses insulin coming into the system then it will break the fast. You want your body to stay in a state of ketosis when you are fasting. This means your body will use fat cells or their own cells to survive through periods of no food. If you are fasting from evening up until lunchtime you might be concerned that CBD will break your fast.

Good news. CBD is made from fats that means that it won’t take you out of ketosis. Keep body using cells not sugar to fuel itself. If you want to make sure that CBD does not take you out of your fasted state then choose CBD oil. This will mean you will stay firmly in your fasted state.

Where do I buy CBD oil?

You can buy CBD tincture drops which go on the inside of your cheek. They take around 30 minutes to take effect, but this can vary from person to person. CBD is legal here in the UK and you can buy it here at CBDStar. Click here to view our range of oils.
Does CBD break a fast?

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