What is the Hemp Farm Bill 2018

The Hemp Farm Bill 2018 was talked up as the biggest game changer in the hemp and cannabis industry coming. The bill essentially made the farming of hemp products legal nationwide in the USA. Hemp would become classified as a grain/commodity. Which is a step change from it’s previous status as a controlled product, thus carrying the ‘vice’ label.

Why does the hemp farm bill matter?

It matters from an industry perspective because in theory, major marketing avenues that were once closed, are now open. Advertising CBD is a difficult proposition as it is labelled as restricted by the major advertising platforms.

This makes promoting a new brand that bit harder and requires more ingenious ways to get your name out. As part of our new retail project CBDStar, we are documenting the growth of the business and writing up about our experiences. What is the best way to advertise a CBD shop, is a fast growing question online and we will endeavour to answer that for those who are interested. With the Hemp Farm Bill being passed, and CBD being reclassified as a commodity, the industry is going to quickly jump on this advertising opportunity, as and when it presents itself.

Growing a local shop’s PR reach is made so simple with Facebook targeted advertising, while promoting Youtube videos of product reviews etc drives growth of an ecommerce brand simply.

What are we doing right now to advertise CBD?

As of 2019, we have launched a content marketing campaign, which involves creating blogs, and well targeted content. This means answering questions that are commonly asked on Google. We can track these by checking out trends over here.

In addition to using content marketing, we are utilising radio advertising. We have to be careful with the content we use, but awareness of our presence online is entirely acceptable right now, and we are going to make use of these routes. So if you want to set up a CBD shop or CBD brand, then you could do worse than take advantage of radio advertising. We will be excited to test the success of this at generating interest in how it gets on.

When will I be able to advertise CBD online?

If you are searching this question, then the answer is that no one knows just yet. It will still be a little time away but we suggest you set up an adwords account and a facebook advertising account and closely monitor updates to their advertising terms and conditions to see how the impact of the hemp farm bill 2018, changes things.

How do I start a CBD franchise?

If you are excited by the rapid growth of the CBD space in the UK or internationally, then we would love to talk to you. CBDStar is able to offer wholesale and franchising opportunities. Our business has extensive experience in growing retail businesses, and we are now turning our attention to CBD. Getting in with us early means a range of benefits are available to you that will be less accessible to later entrants. Take a look at CBD franchising now with CBD Star. If you want to set up a CBD franchise, email us today.

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