How do you take CBD oil is a breaking out trend on Google search results, and this is likely because some information is unclear. CBD or Cannabidiol is becoming a hotly mentioned product internationally. We wanted to break down how you can take CBD oil.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil or Cannabidiol is a liquid tincture, usually sold with a pipette in a small bottle. The bottle of CBD drops contains a concentrated quantity of CBD, either from distillate or in some countries isolate. No longer allowed in CBD oil due to food standard classifications is CBD isolate. Food product standards consider CBD drops as such. Hemp plant matter results in the creation of CBD distillate using a range of processes and de-carboxylation. The resulting run off of oil into a collection device, is called distillate as it has been distilled from the plant matter.

Edible oils such as Grapeseed, MCT Coconut etc have CBD added in the required concentration. So if the distillate is 90% CBD concentration and the manufacturer wants to make 900mg CBD oil in 10ml, then they would add 1ml of CBD distillate to 9ml of oil. This makes a 900mg CBD oil for sale.

How can I use CBD oil drops?

There are a number of methods to take CBD oil, from the simple to the experimental. These are:

  1. Drop under your tongue
  2. Drip onto your tongue
  3. Release pipette CBD oil drops against the cheek
  4. Insert drops into a drink such as a cup of tea
  5. Insert drops into food

Which method of taking CBD oil absorbs it into your body quicker?

Method number 3, suggests dropping CBD drops against your cheek. This is because of the thin layer of skin and therefore easier likely absorption into the tiny blood vessels that pack the side of the mouth. It is the same area where good DNA samples are taken too. Its considered that the inside of the cheek is a good location for transfer of micro-particles.

The second best method for taking CBD drops is method 1 and 2. This is because they are close to the effectiveness of method 3, but there is the chance they will be sent into the digestive system. If the CBD is consumed into the digestive system then there is the chance they take as long to act as points 4 or 5. When nutrients head into the digestive system, they share space with food and acids. This means it takes up to 60 minutes for your body to properly absorb the oil. There is a risk of dilution with chemicals and being less effective, when CBD oil is ingested.

Does a hot drink damage CBD?

Putting CBD drops into a piping hot drink can in some cases degrade the quality of the CBD. No extensive evidence exists yet to determine how much heat degrades CBD quality. Also there is some considerable evidence to suggest CBD coffee has proven very effective to users. This would counter the argument that CBD degrades in boiling fluids. Even still, ingested CBD takes longer to reach the brain and therefore higher doses would be required. This is why we suggest method 3 of how to take CBD oil being the best. If you want to check out CBD products, you can head over to our CBD oils for sale online here.

How much CBD should I take each day?

How much CBD you should take each day will vary depending on your need. Ultimately, there really is no right or wrong answer and it will change person to person. We suggest starting with a 500mg CBD oil drops and aim for 1ml a day. You can split this up in a morning and evening dose. In fact, why not grab a diary and record how you feel each day over a period of 2-4 weeks. Ordinarily you will know your own body and in any case you can adjust up or down dose as you see fit.

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