Whether you are new to CBD (cannabidiol) or a dab hand, you might still be wondering, how much CBD should I take. Your mate might be using 1000mg and another using 250mg and both having the same effects. It is important to note here, everyone has a different tolerance for cannabidiol. You need to work out your own levels, rather than going on what your mate is taking. 

In this blog, we explore how much CBD to take and how to work out your tolerance. You’ll also learn how long it takes to have an effect, how long the effects last and how much cannabidiol powder or crystals would be a good starting point. We will also let you know how you know you are taking too much of the cannabinoid and the possible effects.

How much CBD should I vape?

When you buy your vape e-liquid you will notice that it has a different number in mg. This can range from 100mg up to 3000mg. However, you need to take into account the volume of e-liquid, which will dilute the CBD. For example, if you have a 200mg 10ml CBD, this will have a more concentrated dose of the cannabinoid than a 500mg 50ml bottle.

There are certain factors which may determine your tolerance level to vaping CBD, such as your body weight. As a guide, you might want to consider this:

  • 80 – 150lbs – 12mg – 18mg
  • 151 – 240llbs – 18mg – 27mg
  • 240llbs+ – 22.5mg – 45mg

When you are trying to work out how much CBD to take through a vape, we suggest you start off on a lower dose. You might initially just take a few puffs and then put it away. Over time, as you discover how cannabidiol makes you feel, you might increase or decrease your puffs and your mg levels. 

You can work out your daily intake by remembering how many times you filled your tank up during the day. From here you can get a little technical and work out how much CBD will be in that 2ml tank. 

How long does vaping CBD take to work?

Vaping CBD is the most bioavailable way to enjoy the cannabinoid. This means that it enters your bloodstream faster than other methods. Ideal if you are suffering from something and would like quick relief. 

CBD moved through the tiny capillaries in your lungs and into your bloodstream. From here it can work its way into the body to take effect. These effects can take around 5-10 minutes. Compared to cannabidiol oil, which can take 1-2 hours, this is very fast. 

You will not feel intoxicated from vaping the cannabinoid. It contains zero or minimal amount of THC and therefore will not have psychoactive effects. This means that it can be used during your working day and even before driving. Inhalation of CBD is the fastest means of getting the cannabinoid into your system. 

How long does vaping CBD last in your system?

It is important to know how long the cannabinoid will last in your system so that you can work out when you might want to use your vape device again. The cannabinoid will stay in your system for 2-3 days, however, you will stop feeling its effects within 2-3 hours. 

Again, this will depend on factors such as your body weight, the strength of your CBD and your metabolism. 

If you have a drug test at work or for any other reason, you can rest assured that CBD won’t show up. The only type of CBD that could show on the most sensitive of tests is full-spectrum CBD as this can contain up to 0.2% THC. Broad-spectrum and CBD isolate such as CBD IBZ contain 0% THC.

How much cannabidiol crystal can I add to my vape juice?

You may like to create your own cannabidiol vape juice. You can do this by adding CBD crystals or powder to your regular vape juice. This allows you to experiment with different flavours and you will not be limited. At CBDStar we stock authentic cannabis flavours as well as CBD vape-like flavours to give our customers variety. However, if there is a vape juice you absolutely love and doesn’t come with CBD, then you might want to make your own. 

You should note that PG mixes much better with CBD than high VG e-liquids. For this reason, you may be best off selecting an e-liquid with a higher PG ratio. Bear in mind that this can cause leaks if used in a big cloud kit or mod. CBD is always best suited to a starter kit or pod kit.

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You might be tempted to free pour the CBD crystals into the vape juice, however, this can cause recrystallising and can, therefore, clog your coil. To work out how much CBD you want to add do this:

Amount of CBD divided by Amount of e-liquid = CBD per ml

For example:

500 mg CBD mixed with 10ml e liquid = 50mg CBD per ml / 5% CBD

How can I work out how much CBD eliquid to take 

In order to work out how much CBD juice to take you will be best off looking at the above weight chart as a starting point. From here, start on the lower dose and just try a few puffs. Give it a chance to work before going for your next puffs. Over time you will discover your own tolerance to the cannabinoid. 

How do I know if I have taken too much?

Generally, the cannabinoid doesn’t have any nasty side effects. However, there are a few tell tale signs that you may have taken too much that has been reported. These symptoms include:

  • Sleepiness
  • Decreased appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Convulsions
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea

If you start to notice that you have any of the above symptoms after having a large dose of CBD, then it might be time to consider lowering the dose or putting your vape kit away until you need it. 

How long does it take for tincture drops to work? 

The second most bioavialable way to take CBD is using tincture drops. These go underneath your tongue, or on the inside of your cheek. From here it works into your bloodstream. They can take 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your metabolism and other factors. Once in your system, the effects can last anywhere from 1-6 hours. 

How long does it take for edibles to work?

CBD edibles can take a little longer to have an effect as the CBD has to mix with the digestive juices and food before it reaches the bloodstream. Some people report that when using edibles, such as brownies, the effects are slow and steady and long-lasting. However, if you are suffering from something such as pain that you would like fast relief from, you might not want to wait. 

What other ways are there to take the cannabinoid?

It is possible to take CBD in a number of different forms. While the cannabinoid has been around for literally thousands of years, it has recently become more mainstream. As a result, there are more ways than ever to enjoy the cannabinoid, such as those at Vaporizerchief.com or just on our own store here. For example, you will find:

  • Infused tea, coffee and other drinks
  • Creams
  • Bath bombs 
  • Beauty products

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