With summer fast approaching, many of you will be thinking about your upcoming holidays. Before you used CBD the question can you travel with CBD wouldn’t have even entered your mind, now it is top of your to-do list along with airport parking.

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is legal here in the UK. It does not contain the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant known as THC. This means that you are able to buy it on the high street and online.

CBD has been found to help with epilepsy, depression, anxiety, nausea, stress, sleep disorders and more. If you suffer from a condition that is improved with CBD then you will certainly want to know whether you can travel with CBD.

How do you travel with CBD e-liquid?

You need to make sure that you keep your CBD e-liquid in a clear plastic bag. This needs to be in with your hand luggage and any other 100ml liquids, such as soaps and perfumes. When going through security keep your plastic bag outside of your bag as advised.

How do you travel with CBD oil?

Again, your CBD oil needs to be in a clear plastic bag, alongside your other liquids. It can not be in a bottle larger than 100ml due to current regulations. However, it is always best to check with your airline where they’d rather you store your CBD, either in the hand luggage or the hold.

What about customs the other side?

If you are nervous that you will not get through customs where you land then you might be best to check before you fly. Find the airport you are flying in to on Facebook or through Google and send them a message. Detail that you have CBD with you and want to know whether you’ll be OK going through customs.

Things to remember

You need to make sure THC content is legal and less than 0.3%. You will also want to buy your CBD from a reputable company which shows the content and ingredients of the oil.

If you decide that you really cannot live without your CBD for your holiday then check with the airport you fly out of and in to. Ask their advice. Remember different countries have different rules and you want to make sure you abide by them.

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