There’s nothing worse than a leaking vape. Particularly when you have CBD in there, which comes at a higher price tag. There are a number of answers to the question “why does my CBD leak.”

Leaking CBD can feel like a right waste of money. Here are a few things that might cause your CBD to leak from your vape tank.

An explanatio of why your CBD may be leaking out

You’re using the wrong tank

When you are using CBD you need to make sure you have the right tank for the job. You will want a simple style tank or even a pod system. Problem is, when CBD has a high PG content it can flood some vape tanks. PG is much thinner than VG and can escape easier.

You’ve got a loose connection

Check every connection and give it a tighten. If your tank isn’t quite screwed on it can leak. Be sure to look at the coil, is it screwed in properly? Is it cross threaded?

There’s a crack in the tank

The plastic clearomizers are easy to crack, but so are the glass ones. Make sure there are no hairline cracks in the tank, causing CBD e-liquid to trickle out. If you are in a tight spot and can’t get a replacement for a few days then tape it up for the time being to avoid losing any more CBD.

You travel with the tank full

If you are going on a plane or train it will be best to have an empty tank to travel with. As you can’t vape in these places anyway it shouldn’t matter. All that you’re setting yourself up for is a leak and a load of CBD in your bag or pocket. Therefore it is best empty the tank before you travel, save yourself soggy pockets and wasting CBD.

There are a few reasons why your CBD might leak.

If you have no cracks in the tank and the connection is good, then chances are you need a tank or kit more suitable for CBD.

Here are a few kits that work well with CBD.

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