CBD Bath Bombs

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CBD bath bombs add a spa-like, relaxing experience to your wind downtime. Hear the CBD bath bomb fizz and crackle as it unleashes its cannabinoids and essential oils to relieve stress, aches and pains, and provide a sense of calm.

Just below our selection of CBD bath bombs, you will find some questions about CBD bath bombs and how they may benefit you.

What do CBD bath bombs do?

When you enjoy a bath with a CBD bath bomb the cannabinoid will absorb into your skin. The effects of CBD, along with the bath, may help to aid relaxation, ease stress and reduce pain and inflammation.

How long should you soak in a CBD bath bomb?

If you are new to CBD it would be best to start with a lower dosage of CBD bath bomb until you have worked out your own tolerance to it. You probably wouldn't want to soak in a CBD bath longer than 15-20 minutes as the water will start getting cold and your skin may start to prune.

Do CBD bath bombs get you high?

CBD bath bombs will not get you high, no matter how much CBD you have in your bath bomb. This is because they do not contain the psychoactive part of the plant, THC.

How much CBD is in a bath bomb?

The amount of CBD in a CBD bath bomb varies depending on which brand you choose. You might try a lower dose for relaxation and a slightly higher dose to ease pain.

Why choose a CBD bath bomb?

A CBD bath bomb is an easy and relaxing way to take the cannabinoid. A warm bath with added CBD bath bombs may help to reduce period pain, ease skin conditions and inflammation, relieve stress and aid relaxation.