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If you’re someone who loves taking care of your skin, why not try something new? Whether you’re focusing on anti-aging, anti-inflammatory or maybe you just want a squeaky clean face every day.At CBDStar.co, we understand that skin care is a huge priority for a lot of people around the world.

CBD skincare products might be for you. We aim to provide skin care with natural and more beneficial use. CBD is able to help with inflammation. Inflammation can be experienced on the skin, particularly the face when it is irritated. CBD is may be able to reduce this.


What does CBD cream do for skin?

CBD has long been used in alternative medicines for it’s healing properties, both on the inside and out. When it comes to CBD skin cream it is thought to help with dryness, inflammation, radical free damage and even out skin tone.

CBD skin cream has been used to help with conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. It is thought to help in a number of ways. One way it may help with dry skin conditions is the way it helps your skin to produce the oily substance, sebum.

Conditions such as acne can cause the skin to become inflamed, which may be helped with the anti inflammatory properties of CBD skin cream.

Can CBD skin cream go through skin?

CBD skin cream is a topical solution which you apply to your face or body. It works by entering the receptors on your skin rather than penetrating through to your bloodstream. This means that topical creams for your skin will not treat systemic conditions.

Is CBD cream antiaging?

CBD skin care products may have anti aging properties. While research is ongoing, it has shown promise to slow down signs of ageing on your skin as it reduces free-radicals. Collagen is the thing that makes your skin plump and youthful, these free radicals break down the collagen.

The antioxidants found within CBD skin cream are said to be pretty powerful too and may also help with a dull and ruddy skin tone to help brighten the skin. Now there is a pretty good reason to add CBD skin care products to your routine.

Can I rub CBD cream on my skin for pain?

CBD skincare can be a way to not only moisturise and revitalise your skin but also to help with pain and inflammation. This has the advantage of you being able to target the problem area.

CBD cream can be used to directly reach a source of pain or discomfort. You may use CBD skin cream on sore muscles or joints. If you are in chronic pain which is not isolated to one area then you might consider tinctures, however, if you are dealing with muscular pain then CBD skin cream could be a good option.

Where can I buy CBD skincare creams and products?

CBD skin cream is available to buy at CBDStar. All of our products come with a certificate of analysis that you are able to view. This allows you to see exactly what is in the products you are using.

We know that skin is sensitive and all skin types are different. This is why our CBD Skincare products are natural and pesticide free.


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