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On the hunt for some good CBD edibles? Perhaps you’re feeling a little peckish, but want a snack that will provide more. Here we stock edible products as well as dry herbs that are required to make the best Cannabis by mouth in the UK. Providing people with the snacks they know and love, with a little CBD twist.Read More...

Edibles are perfect for those who don’t wish to vape or smoke their CBD. We understand finding the correct method of consumption is difficult, that is why we provide a vast range of products.

Who is CBD Edible products best for?

Consuming edibles is good for those who wish for a “slow burn” and a more discreet method of consumption. Providing various methods, such as vaping, smoking or cosmetics, we have something for everyone.

Are Edibles UK Legal?

Yes Edible CBD is legal in the UK, these are not to be confused with THC edibles though. In the United Kingdom, we cannot legally sell THC Edibles, but if you are looking for the pure cannabidiol impact that C.B.D can offer, then it is a CBD edible hit you need.

Are these products Keto Friendly?

As many of these products are made with carbohydrates and proteins as well as fats, then unless marked, these items are not made for a Ketogenic diet. If you need some support on this, we are always happy to help you track down keto friendlier items. Or simply pre-send you the package nutrition break-down.

Price matters and that is why we make sure our edible CBD products are accessible for all. So why not try CBD edibles here? If you suffer from restlessness, anxiety or inflammation pain then it may work for you. This is our CBD edible shop page, if you have any questions, you can always jump on the chat and drop us a message. Happy browsing.