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Combining two things that each have their own benefits can create something beautiful. That’s right – chocolate has benefits! So CBD chocolate could potentially be a perfect way to get your daily dosage of the cannabinoid, helping you to relax, reduce anxiety and even lower blood pressure. 

Just below our range of CBD chocolate for sale we will take you through some benefits and answer the most asked questions.

How does CBD chocolate work?

Chocolate infused with CBD works by entering your bloodstream via your digestive tract. Once the cannabinoid has made its way into your system it can work its magic. CBD is thought to bind to receptors to help relieve pain and inflammation. It is also said to help your body use its own serotonin to improve your mood and help you to relax during periods of stress.

CBD chocolate would take around 20 to 60 minutes to have an effect. While it might be delicious, make sure you don’t double dose. Start off with a small dose then increase over time.

Both CBD and dark chocolate may help to reduce inflammation, so when combined it could be an ideal coupling. 

Is CBD chocolate legal?

In the UK, CBD chocolate is legal. This is because it does not contain THC, which is the regulated part of the cannabis plant. For this reason, CBD chocolate will not get you high. Just like with all CBD edibles they do not contain THC, or enough, to get you intoxicated. If you are reading this article from overseas then you will need to check with your own countries laws. 

Is CBD chocolate safe?

CBD chocolate is safe, as long as you buy it from a seller who can provide a certificate of analysis. This will show you exactly what is in the CBD chocolate and how much CBD and THC is present, if any. 

Make sure you always buy CBD chocolate from a seller with a good reputation who is able to provide the correct documents for the product. 

When to eat CBD chocolate?

You might take CBD chocolate each day, or just when you are feeling pain, anxiety or another symptom the cannabinoid may help. Dark chocolate is not high in fat or sugar, and a good quality chocolate wouldn’t be bad to have each day. 

Dark chocolate does contain caffeine, particularly when it is very dark. If you are sensitive to caffeine then you might not want to add a dose of CBD chocolate before bed, despite the cannabinoids therapeutic properties it may not combat the caffeine for someone who is very sensitive to it.

How much CBD chocolate should I eat?

CBD chocolate will come in different doses. To start, you may have a small dose to see how it makes you feel. Once you have worked out your tolerance to the cannabinoid you may begin to increase the portion or mg levels. 

CBD chocolate for anxiety

Anxiety is one of the main, and well researched conditions, that people use CBD for. CBD is thought to increase prefrontal cortex activation which lowers activity in the Amygdala. This is a set of neurons which play a role in our emotions. There is also thought that it may help our body to use its own serotonin levels. Low serotonin can be linked to both depression and anxiety.

CBD chocolate for pain

Pain is another reason why people use CBD chocolate. CBD is undergoing research into its anti inflammatory effects, which may relieve pain. Animal studies have shown promise in this area with it being thought to reduce pain signals in the body. Chocolate has also been looked at as a way to reduce inflammation, so CBD combined with chocolate could be a new and delicious pain relief! 

CBD chocolate for blood pressure

Dark chocolate may improve blood flow and lower blood pressure. CBD is also thought to reduce resting blood pressure and the blood response to stress making CBD chocolate a great combo. If you are someone with high blood pressure then the blend of CBD and chocolate could be helpful. 

Where to buy CBD chocolate 

You can buy CBD chocolate at CBDStar, either as a gift or for yourself! Buy CBD chocolate that is of a high quality with no nasties with us and understand that we are a reputable seller. We even have vegan CBD chocolate available to buy.



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