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CBD Cookies are the recipe for getting your CBD fix when you can’t stand the taste of the other delivery methods. Many customers buy CBD cookies online, aside from the obvious convenience and our crumble-free guarantee, but because they don’t like the drops. Makes sense to us, and we love any type of CBD biscuit or cookie.

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What are CBD Cookies?

CBD cookies or Cannabis cookie products are a take-on of your normal everyday cookie jar resident. Bakers work to infuse cannabidiol (CBD) within the mix, ensuring that it keeps it's biscuitty consistency and taste, while at the same time offering a fun, delicious way of taking your daily CBD dose.

Are CBD cookies legal?

CBD cookies contain CBD. Providing CBD is legal to buy and use in the country you are in then they are legal. In the majority of places it is THC which is illegal, not CBD. THC is the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant. While traces of THC can be found in full spectrum CBD cookies it isn’t enough to make them illegal or have any psychoactive effects.

How much is a CBD cookie?

CBD cookie prices vary. It really depends on how much CBD is in each cookie and how many cookies are in a pack. The higher the CBD dosage the more you will pay for your CBD cookies.

What do CBD cookies taste like?

CBD can have a distinct taste. However, if this isn’t a flavour you enjoy then you might like the fact that the sweetness of a cookie masks the flavour. Some CBD found in CBD cookies is flavoured and tastes less earthy than others.

Why try CBD cookies?

If you are looking for a quick and delicious way to enjoy CBD then you might like CBD cookies. It is an alternative to vapables, capsules and drops. You could have one with your morning coffee or wind down your day with a herbal tea and a CBD cookie in the evening.


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