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CBD tea is a refreshing and simple way to enjoy a daily dose of your favourite cannabinoid. Enjoy the comfort of a warm cup of herbal tea with a relaxing, pain-relieving, inflammation calming blend of CBD.

Just below our selection of CBD teas for sale, we answer some of your questions about CBD tea to help you decide if it is right for you.

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When should I drink CBD tea?

A cup of CBD tea could be enjoyed day or night. You might start with one cup a day to see how it makes you feel, then increase to more than one cup if you feel it is needed. If you are using CBD tea to help you sleep and wind down, then an evening cup of the good stuff could help you to relax into a deep sleep.

Is CBD tea legal?

CBD tea will not make you intoxicated as it contains legal levels of THC. This also means that it is legal to buy here in the UK. Always check your own countries laws before making a purchase.

What flavour is CBD tea?

CBD tea comes in many different flavours. CBD can have a slightly earthy taste, however, you can also find some herbal teas infused with CBD which may be more palatable.

How long does CBD tea take to work?

CBD tea can take between 10 minutes and a few hours to kick in. It all comes down to how much you have eaten that day and when your last meal was. The more food that the CBD tea has to mix within your digestive tract the longer it will take to have an effect.


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