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CBD honey is a delicious way to enjoy a daily dose of the cannabinoid. It also comes with its own anti bacterial and anti biotic properties to complement the CBD.

Just below our selection of CBD honey to buy, you will find 4 reasons why we think this is a great product.

4 reasons we love CBD honey - and why we think you will too! Honey is a powerful and natural antibiotic. So much so that even Doctors dress wounds using a honey wrap to help reduce bacteria and ward off infection risks. It also has a low PH level to pull moisture away from bacteria and high sugar content to reduce the growth of bacterias.

CBD honey may just go that step further blending the benefits of high-quality honey with the potential benefits of cannabinoids.

Firstly, let’s look at honey and the benefits of a daily dosage of the sweet stuff on your porridge, coffee or spooned into natural yoghurt.

Great things about honey

  1. Packed with antioxidants - antioxidants have been linked to a reduction in the risk of certain cancers, stroke and heart problems
  2. Reduce blood pressure - There is a solid link between heart disease and high blood pressure. Honey may lead to a reduction in a raised blood pressure
  3. Reduce cholesterol levels - High cholesterol levels are also linked to heart conditions. Honey may lead to a reduction in LDL cholesterol and a rise in HDL cholesterol (HDL is the good one)
  4. Treatment - A effective treatment for wounds and burns

There are just 4 of the great benefits of honey, either applied topically to wounds or ingested with food. When CBD honey is enjoyed you get the above benefits, as well as some more. Some of them may even work in conjunction with each other.  Wound healing honey and pain relieving CBD makes an ideal combo for someone fighting with a painful wound that they’re trying to ward off infections.

Potential benefits of CBD honey

  1. Pain relief - CBD honey could be a fantastic way to relieve your pain and inflammation. This could be applied topically directly to a wound, or you could ingest it. The cannabinoid is thought to react with our own endocannabinoid system and receptors to either change the way you perceive pain or reduce it.
  2. Sleep - CBD honey can be added to a warm drink, such as hot chocolate or herbal tea. Taking a dose before bed may help you fall asleep easier and stay asleep. The cannabinoid has long been used by insomnia sufferers to help them get some shut eye.
  3. Anxiety and depression - While the cannabinoid doesn’t make more serotonin (happy hormone), it is thought to encourage your body to use its own, leading to an improved mood. CBD is also thought to be a good option for those suffering from social anxiety disorder with a fair amount of research into it.
  4. Reduce blood pressure - Just like honey, CBD may help to reduce blood pressure. CBD honey could be the perfect addition to your morning porridge if you are looking to reduce blood pressure and look after your heart.

What’s great about CBD honey?

  1. It’s easy to take
  2. It is delicious and sweet
  3. You can control your dose
  4. Comes in different strengths
  5. It will not get you high

Why try CBD honey?

CBD honey is a great entry into trying CBD, particularly if you are concerned about high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Both of which can lead to heart problems, including a heart attack.

Therapeutic benefits of honey may well help to reduce these to encourage a healthy heart. Not only that but there is evidence that CBD honey could reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

Taking CBD honey is an easy and palatable way to enjoy the cannabinoid. You might add it to a protein shake, your breakfast or just a good old fashioned slice of honey on toast.


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