At CBDStar we don’t just help out people, we have turned our attention to your small four-legged friends. We stock a range of CBD that is suitable for your pet. Just like us, animals get anxious too and we understand how difficult they can be to deal with. We have a solution to this. CBD has vast benefits such help with anxiety and stress, perfect for animals during times such as firework night and New Years. Help calm their nerves and settle them down during car rides and loud events. So why not grab this CBD for pets? Help out your little friend today!

When giving CBD for pets, we recommend giving your pet 1-5mg of CBD for every 10lb your dog weighs. When should you give your dog CBD? There are no set rules to when you should give your pet CBD, however, we suggest giving your pet CBD around mealtime or when you have a treat in hand. Everything is better and easier with treats! So why not grab CBD for pets today.

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