CBD for Sleep – Can it Help?

can cbd help with sleep

Something we are asked alot is can CBD help for sleep problems, such as insomnia. It is a frustrating condition to battle with, and it is no wonder that people are looking for alternative ways to help them get some shut eye.

What is CBD?

For centuries people have used CBD. CBD has been used:

  • As a sleep aid
  • To reduce cancer symptoms
  • For anxiety and depression
  • Relive nausea
  • Help manage epilepsy
  • and more

The cannabinoid is extracted from the cannabis plant, but has no high or mind altering effects. This is because there is very little or no THC within it.

Can CBD help sleep disorders

Research has found that CBD has therapeutic potential to improve insomnia. It also has shown promise in helping REM behaviour disorder in people with Parkinson’s and those who suffer with excessive daytime sleepiness.

People who suffer with sleep issues due to anxiety can also benefit from the use of CBD. Anxiety, OCD and PTSD have all been found to be reduced with the use of CBD. In a study involving 72 adults with anxiety and poor sleep it was found that when using CBD their anxiety scores decreased and sleep scores improved.

CBD may help those who suffer with REM behaviour disorder. This is a condition that causes people to act out during a dream when in the REM phase of sleep. Usually during REM the body is still and basically paralysed. This prevents people from acting out their dreams, beyond the odd twitch. When someone has REM behaviour disorder they are risking injuring themselves or others as they act out dreams, or walk in their sleep.

How can I take CBD for sleep?

You can take CBD for sleep a number of different ways. If you want the CBD to take effect quickly then you will want to look at either vaping it in an e-liquid, CBD flowers in a dry herb vaporizers, or oil drops inside your cheek. If you aren’t looking for such a fast effect then you might consider edibles.

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