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CBD Gummies Advice Guide… Yummy Info!

First up – what are CBD Gummies?

This would be a flawed CBD Gummies advice guide if we didn’t touch on first what they are, how they are made and what they can do. So let’s start with the essential bit. The ‘What are CBD Gummies’ Advice bit.

If you have ever been in a shop and been a child, you will have probably seen these wonderfully colourful sweets called gummies.

Now imagine that candy shop, but for adults. And in that candy shop, we have “enhanced” gummy candies for adults, which contain CBD.


What are CBD Gummies advice guide
Step into the world of CBD Gummies

CBD, as all acronyms should not be taken lightly, it is one of the main chemical components of the marihuana plant.

It serves to relax, meditate, can help in focus. It is the counter balance to THC, a more formidable acronym. 

THC gets you high, drowsy, disoriented, potentially lazy. It is mostly still illegal in most countries even though it is the most sought after substance in the ganja plant. 

It is the “fun” part of the plant. CBD on the other hand does not get you off your head, regrettably, hence why it is legal. 

How are they made?

CBD gummies are made from fruit jelly

Who cares? They are made in animal shapes and colourful! Would be the short answer. 

But since we made a bullet point might as well investigate a bit further.

They are Gummies (gelatin + fruit juice … hmm delish), with CBD oil added. That oil is extracted from the plant.

So now you know before you scoff them in your mouth.

Some are produced in more natural ways (even homemade), others may have different components. You can always make your own.

Are CBD Gummies Vegetarian

CBD gummies are vegan
Fresh produce is the key for a healthy lifestyle. CBD an excellent complement.

Sure, why not. Yes they contain no product derived from animals, totally vegan. Unless someone intentionally made one with beef stock, which would be… unusual.

Regrettably that is the case as with so much candy, it is elaborated with gelatin, which contains boilt animal. Not so innocent any more. Nevertheless there are plenty of vegan Gummy bear options on the market, that use Agar Agar or other gelatin alternatives.

You can also make you own to be sure.

Are they Halal

CBd Gummies are Halal
Delicious Halal foods

Hmm… maybe? For the most part cbd oils out in the market are halal. But beware, some gummies may have components like gelatin that may make them the dreaded harem, sorry haram. What was my mind thinking of. Wow this post is totally not kosher, I mean politically correct.

What are they good for

They are good when you are too chicken shit to break the law and smoke the real stuff. Lol. They are good if you don’t want to smoke or vape. 

They are good if you like chewing stuff. Trust me, it’s candy as I mentioned previously. Usually very delicious.

CBD is good for your heart
CBD helps improve heart health

CBD has been proven to have many remarkable qualities and others potentially including:

Anxiety relief

Pain relief





Benefit heart health 




Diabetes prevention 

Substance abuse treatment 

For MS treatment

For insomnia 

… amongst others.

Will CBD Gummies help with weight loss

Sorry probably not. I mean maybe, it’s possible. How about doing some exercise that always helps. 

CBD Gummies and Loosing Weight
Working out and CBD… a fun combination

CBD Gummies, in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet, may help. 

There are studies that suggest that CBD helps to boost the metabolism whilst reducing body fat and appetite. 

Can Gummies help with anxiety

Yes. This one a definitive yes. Just yes. CBD has calmed many a people down. 

What about depression

Yes. Yes And No. Yes CBD can set your heart in a right place for a little moment. 

Now if you lead that moment to an even better place and keep going in that direction. Then maybe yes you may improve your life and not want to kill yourself.

If you just dwell and the same whilst on this substance then nothing will change. Only action will bring about change.

These Gummies oftentimes contain sugar so that should put a smile on your face for a second already. 

Life Is Good.

Lack of sleep

CBD Gummies help you sleep better
Good sleep is the key

Very good and traditional use of the Marihuana plant and Hashish. CBD really comes into play well here for the most part.

In enough quantity it will usually help you sail through your dreams smoothly like a baby.

Are they legal – Will I fail a drugs test

Most drug tests THC not CBD. So it shouldn’t come up. The only way would be if the CBD oil used in the Gummies had trace amounts of THC. So depends on the product.

But for the most part it is not an issue. 

Also, it’s more fun to break the law.

How do I know what dose to take

Gummies for kids
How many can I eat mommy

The best advice I could give you here would be to read the packet. If there is no label then it is a gamble, but put a few in your hand and see what feels right.

Anything up to 1500 milligrams of CBD in you body should be fine even more that for most people. 

But as a beginner you would do a fraction of that. 

While it’s focused on CBD oil more, here is a useful CBD dosage calculator you may want to bookmark. Or we have written at more length about what’s the right dose to take below:

Are gummies the best way to take CBD?

Gummies are most definitely a good way to take CBD. But of course depends which ones. Ones that are made well ideally using natural processes, ideally no sugar not many additives.

The Gummies should use good Quality CBD Oil.

There are also plenty of other ways to take CBD. 

Do Gummies Expire

The effects of CBD Gummies usually last from about 4 to 6 hours. 

Gummies will expire depending on what they are made of and if they have preservatives. Usually there will be an expiry date on the packet. For the most part safe to take even if expired really.

What Is The Average Gummy Price 

The average price can be anywhere from 10$ to 100$ for a jar of them (wow!) depending on dose and quantity.

Can You Give Gummies To Kids?

Just as your parents gave you a sip of wine when you were 8 or 9, so it is relatively safe for a child over 7 to take some cbd in small doses. 

Even youngers may benefit in special circumstances and under prescribed professional treatment. 

Recommendation is to try other treatments first like exercise, good communication and addressing external issues that may be at hand. 

If you have tried all of that and need to try something new, there are CBD Gummies specifically designed for kids. 

I wouldn’t give any to my kids particularly, but I have seen cases where it has been crucial and life-changing.


Gummies Advice for Gummy Fanatics

CBD Gummies Advice Wrap

There you go, that’s our CBD gummies advice guide, as you can see, they are a whole universe on their own.

If we have answered some of your questions, then that’s a good day for us. You may even just find they can become a very useful complement to your life, with the proper research of course. 

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