CBD Gummies Vs Oils is an age old adage for the herbal savant. In this guide we are going to put the two types of CBD together and see what is best for you. But first, some nonsense.

So the ancient proverb goes: “Thy that feast on CBD Gummies Vs Oils shall enjoy of much bountiful joy and happiness whilst savouring previously aforementioned jelly delights.”

Whilst an obvious answer to this conundrum would spring to my mind – CBD Gummies, duh? I know some may think differently. Masseuses come to mind.

Oils Have a Power to Themselves 

Oils trigger smells which are oh so mesmerising and enthralling. Captivating will take you to a far away land at a different point in time.

How does Bioavailability compare?

Bioavailability is a measurement of the rate and extent to which a drug reaches the site of action. This is called pharmacokinetics. In fact there have been studies on cannabinoids and the speeds of absorption already

See: Human Cannabinoid Pharmacokinetics

For dietary supplements, this is the proportion of the substance capable of being absorbed and available for use or storage.

This may serve as a guide for what is right for you.

Oils generally have higher bioavailability than Gummies, particularly if you place drops under your tongue. That can be absorbed by the blood stream pretty quick compared to digesting it.

Which CBD gives relief fastest?

CBD Gummies Vs Oils - Which has a higher Speed of Relief?

Tincture oil goes to work in a short time. Allow 10 to 45 minutes to assess how you feel.

Gummies provide delayed effects. They are metabolized slower than tincture oil since they have to be broken down by your digestive system.

A lot of the CBD is first broken down by your liver before circulating in your bloodstream.

What about Flavours and Tastes?

Opt for oil if you:

  • Want to be able to mix your CBD with other things – like coffee, teas, smoothies, bakery or soups.

Choose gummies if:

  • You want CBD more like an easy treat
  • Are fanatical about other gummy candy

Sense of Taste Vs Sense of Smell

To decide whether taste or smell is more important may be one of the hardest questions posed to mankind. 

CBD Gummies Vs Oils Sense of Taste Vs Sense of Smell

Both senses have the capacity to bring you back to childhood in an instant. 

Sense of Smell Vs Sense of Touch

The stakes get even higher in this debate as touch becomes an important contender in this divisive issue. 

CBD Massage Oil Vs Tongue Drops 

Here we fork at two different types of oils, namely massage oils/rubs that contain CBD and ingestible oil drops with similar properties. The former initially comes to mind.

CBD Gummies Vs Oils Massage Oil Vs CBD Oil Tongue Drops

CBD Gummies Vs Oils must prove in this round that sweet acid gummy flavor is worth more than a thousand rubs combined.

CBD Gummies Vs Oils Drops for Nirvana

The proponents of Oils will argue that one drop of Oil may open the pituitary gland and a gentle oil massage will take you to Nirvana. 

Gummy partisans will claim the explosions felt in the mouth will trigger insurmountable pleasures. 

Where will the senselessness of this CBD battle end?

In this CBD Gummies Vs Oils contest, a mediated solution may be achieved. 

Why can’t we settle for both Gummies AND CBD Oil?

How about chewing on some delicious sweet gummies whilst receiving a tantalising CBD Oil massage AND drinking tea with CBD drops. 

Is CBD Gummies Vs Oils your Dharma to dwell upon?

CBD Gummies Vs Oils Your Dharma

Perhaps yes, perhaps no if you are a nihilist.

In any case if you are a hedonist then I am sure you would have made up your mind that all solutions are necessary and should be taken up. 

Hence stock up on CBD before the World collapses, your CBD Gummy may be worth 1$ million anytime soon. 

CBD Gummies Vs Oils Bear Heaven

CBD Oil Strength Vs CBD Gummy Strength

CBD oil administered in drops may prove a better option if you are looking to administer yourself with a strong dose of CBD. With drops, you will be able to regulate the amount more easily. If you choose a CBD tongue drop that is high in CBD Milligrams such as a 3000 Mg or even 5000 Mg bottle, then you should be good to go.

Nevertheless, there are also strong Gummies available on the market, for those who feel they must chew on something. If you want a little support on what to pick and why >>

Check out our: Best CBD Gummies For Me Guide

The other ones… Pills and Vapes

Yeah yeah we must of course not forget the other simple pleasures of life which come in the form of popping pills and smoking.

For the sophisticated smoker, we have CBD Vaporizers which will come in different flavours and administer CBD in one of the quickest methods. This is high Bioavailability – and relates to how your body absorbs nutrients. That blue link in the text above – why not read that next to learn more about CBD vaping and an easily bioavailable explanation.

CBD Supplements might work wonders, if the indications from sources such as Harvard are true, particularly for those looking for natural solutions to some ailments.

And, if the emerging studies such as the work done by UK biotech firm GW Pharma are expanded upon, then we may see more of both CBD Gummy Bears or Drops as supplements, potentially perfect for their ease of administration.

Do Gummy Bears Contain CBD Oil?

Truth bomb, the reality is, that most gummies are inextricably linked to CBD oils and hence the debate becomes a solid no-contest, as one is part of the other. There is no versus but a symbiosis in a plethora of wonderful CBD products on which to partake.

Which option is right for you?

(Editor: It’s possible the writer got the illegal batch of gummies when writing this.)

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