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In this collection, you will find a range of CBD jelly. The CBD jelly featured are completely natural and pesticide free. Whether you’re looking to unwind after a stressful day or help your muscles recover after a workout.Read More...

CBD can help with sleep, anxiety, inflammation and more. Finding the method that works best for you can take some trial and error, however, we offer our products at various different price points! The price may change, but the quality doesn’t.

What is CBD jelly?

CBD jelly isn’t the type of thing you’d have with ice cream or a hot apple pie. CBD jelly is a type of concentrate. This means that it has concentrated levels of CBD. Jelly and others in a similar vein make a great choice for people who want a concentrated dose of the cannabinoid.

How do you use CBD jelly?

CBD jelly is really versatile. You can vape it in a dry herb vaporiser, smoke it in a CBD jelly joint or use it in baked goods.

Is CBD jelly legal?

CBD jelly shouldn’t contain illegal levels of THC. If the THC is below 0.2% then it is legal to buy, sell and take. CBD shouldn’t show up on a drug test either. Tests will be on the lookout for illegal substances such as THC. Thanks to the plant matter being present in CBD jelly, you do have the added benefit of the entourage effect.

At CBDStar.co, we stock a huge array of CBD related products including CBD jelly. CBD can have many different positive benefits that could help you better your lifestyle.


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