Can you put CBD Oil in Coffee and Tea?

can you put cbd oil in tea or coffee

CBD oil is fast becoming a popular alternative remedy for a number of different conditions and ailments. What’s great about it, other than it is natural, is that there are many ways to take it. 

CBD oil in coffee

You can drop CBD on your tongue, vape a CBD e-liquid, ingest it in food, drink and gummies and more. You may be looking for new ways to enjoy the cannabinoid, which may have led you to the question, “can you add CBD oil in coffee and tea?”

Can you add CBD oil to coffee and tea?

Yes. You can. Or you can buy already infused CBD teabags and coffees. In fact, there are more and more coffee houses offering CBD hot drinks, allowing users to combine caffeine and legal cannabis oil. 

Why combine coffee and CBD?

Ever had a takeaway coffee and got that busy, can’t focus on anything, need to move, anxious, feeling? This is because the caffeine in coffee can cause jitters. 

If you are someone who feels a level of anxiety after a cup of Joe, then you will be glad to know that CBD has been known to reduce anxiety.

When coffee and CBD are combined you will enjoy an energy boost, without the negative side effects that come with a strong black coffee.

How do I combine the cannabinoid with caffeine

Of course, you can add your own CBD oil drops to your coffee. However, you need to keep in mind the heat of the drink. Some studies have found that when heated at too high of a temperature CBD can degrade. 

For this reason, it may be best to add your CBD oil to an iced coffee, latte or instant coffee or tea that you have allowed to cool down. 

You might notice that the oil sits on top of a watery cup of instant or tea, however, it is still fine to drink. 

Will I taste CBD oil in my drink?

CBD can taste nice, or not, depending on the brand and your own personal tastes. However, when you add a few drops of CBD to your hot drink you shouldn’t be able to taste it as the flavours of the drink should dominate it.

Know the rules 

Before you add CBD oil to coffee, make sure you know whether it is legal in the country where you are. CBD doesn’t contain THC and won’t have psychoactive effects, so in theory, it should be legal.

However, some locations still see it as a controlled drug. Make sure you know the laws in your country before you start sipping.

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