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If you’re looking to shop for 1000 mg CBD oil online, our CBD site ships worldwide, it’s full range of hemp and legal cannabis products. 1000 mg CBD oil is available in a variety of bottle sizes which means a range of concentrations and strength.

How long does 1000 mg CBD oil last me?

How long the 1000 mg CBD oil would last you, really does come down to dosage and concentration. Where we talk about concentration, we mean how much mg of CBD is in each ml of oil. So if you have 1000 mg CBD oil in a 10ml bottle, that would equate to 10% strength and 100mg for each full pipette.

It is unlikely you would need that much per day, so it is likely to last you longer than a 10ml bottle of 500mg.

If you want some idea on the dosage of CBD oil, our article covers that in more depth.

Is a bigger bottle of 1000mg CBD oil Stronger?

No, a bigger bottle is not any stronger, nor would it last you any longer than a smaller bottle of 1000mg CBD. This is because it is the milligrams of cannabidiol you are looking for and not the volume of liquid.
What this means, is more liquid with the same 1000 milligram of CBD oil just means each drop of tincture is weaker in strength.
This is preferable for some people as it allows them to control more accurately their daily dosage of the drops.

How long does it take to notice effects of 1000 milligram Cannabidiol?

This varies from person to person and we are always cautioius to avoid giving medicinal advice when it comes to the use of CBD or hemp oil products. We recommend for further insight you could take a look at the Harvard studies on Cannabis products, to see a professionally researched point of view


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