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If you are looking for the best 2000 mg CBD oil from the UK or shipped around the world, we hope we can meet that need. Our business has been operating since 2016 stocking a wide range of Cannabidiol and Hemp derived drops, drippers and tinctures. So if you are looking for the best 2000 mg CBD oil, let us take care of you.

Where do you ship your 2000 mg CBD oil?

Pretty much, anywhere in the world where it is legal or you can advise that you have a prescription for it. We don’t break Doctor/Patient confidentiality, so we don’t ask you to send proof. We are just mindful to advise what you may need in some regions.

We believe we have the best 2000 mg CBD oil brands here, but if there is anything you are unsure of, you can always drop us a message and we can help out.

Is 2000 mg CBD Oil Strong?

We get asked a lot about strengths and potency of our tinctures, so the question is perfectly reasonable.
The answer as to whether 'Is 2000 mg CBD oil strong?' really comes down to the bottle's concentration. When we say that, we mean, how much cannabidiol or CBG is in every drop of the tincture. Tincture by the way is another way of saying oil. The less liquid there is in the bottle, compared to a larger product with the same 2000 mg CBD oil strength, means the smaller one is stronger.
But as to whether 2000 milligrams is considered a higher strength, then yes it is. The most commonly sold strength hemp drops are in the 500 range. So 2000 milligrams is definitely in the higher power category. In fact, our 3000-milligram bottle from the brand Flex was up until 2020, the highest concentration full stop. That was 30%!
So peace of mind, 2000 mg CBD oil is strong, generally speaking.

Is the 2000 mg CBD Tinctures better value for money?

Where you are buying a stronger strength, it does mean you require less drops per day, which means a bottle will last longer. This obviously saves on things like postage and/or regular trips out to replenish.
That makes the 2000 mg CBD oil a pretty efficient purchase for your pocket, despite the obvious shock at the price first time out.


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