CBD Shop Eastbourne

What’s hempenning in Eastbourne?

CBD shop Eastbourne, if that is what you have typed into Google, then maybe our news here, is perfect. Yes, CBDStar has a physical CBD shop based at 72 Seaside Road, Eastbourne.

CBD Shop Eastbourne

Opened in 2019, the shop formerly, ‘Sylvia’s chest of drawers’ a lingerie shop; has now become a CBD wellness shop. Importantly to us, that means offering a wide range of CBD eliquids, CBD oils, hemp flower and beyond.

Where is CBDStar in Eastbourne?

Eastbourne is located in East Sussex, and is a formerly seaside resort town, made famous with the Victorians and their weekend getaways. Now Eastbourne is home to a diverse community, including a number of tourists and student population. Eastbourne is also home to one of CBDStar’s first CBD shops. You can visit us at:

CBDStar | 72 Seaside | Eastbourne | BN22 7QP | East Sussex

Hey, fancy working for a fast growing company in an exciting sector? Firstly if this sounds like a bit of you, then you can fire us a message using the contact form here.

What CBD does CBDStar have?

CBDStar stocks a range of CBD brands beyond their own. We know that CBD is used by many for different reasons, also how they take it, matters too. Therefore we stock the following types of CBD:

Besides stocking a wide range of CBD products, CBDStar also stocks a wide range of brands within those categories. This includes a range of flavours and CBD strengths, from full spectrum CBD brand Dutchie Original, to high flavour range, CBD IBZ.

Importantly as we understand that you can never be sure when shoppers want to grab CBD, we will be open 7 days a week. So if you want check out a specialist CBD shop in Eastbourne, then come and see us any day of the week.