CBD vape juice is the most bioavailable way to enjoy cannabinoids. In this ‘CBD Vape Advice’ guide, we are going to briefly cover some of those perceived CBD vaping benefits before giving you some guidance on where to head next. By the way, bioavailability??

This means that it gets into your system and takes effect, faster than other methods. You might choose to vape CBD if you want fast relief, you enjoy the flavour and vaping. However, it might not be for everyone.

In this CBD vape advice guide, we won’t bombard you with the details, that is down to you if you want to check out some more of our articles linked here. We just wanted to give you some super simple cbd vape advice to help you get started. 

If you are debating all the CBD vape advice out there and are looking for something recommended by customers as their top pick for tackling issues such as Anxiety – you may find this post below helpful

The first bit of CBD vape advice – what is the juice?

CBD vapes or e-liquid is also called CBD vape oil. However, CBD is infused into vape juice, it is not oil, which is a really important point to remember. You shouldn’t put tincture drops in your vape device! 

Vape juice containing CBD is made up of a few ingredients. These include CBD, low levels of VG, high levels of PG and flavourings. You should never add nicotine to your CBD as it degrades it.

You should also remember that the high PG levels mean that it will be runnier, so the device you select is very important, but more on that later. 

CBD Vape Advice on Benefits

As a store and not a physician, we can’t really go into detail about what CBD vape oils do for you, but that doesn’t mean our CBD vape advice guide can’t throw you some solid medical references.

But let’s talk in brief what it is suggested CBD can help with:

  • Nausea
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Seizures
  • Psoriasis
  • Stress
  • Inflammation

In fact, CBD has been approved for medicinal uses after trials for Epilepsy and Seizures. Two prescribable CBD medicines, Sativex and Epidiolex are now available even in the UK. 

Source on CBD as Medication: Health Europa

Broad or full-spectrum? What about isolate?

There are a number of different types of CBD vape juice, including full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolate. As well as this you have various flavours, from authentic cannabis profiles to fruits and sweet treats. 

Full-spectrum CBD is the one which has been less filtered. Therefore it maintains terpenes and a trace amount of THC, though not enough to have psychoactive effects or be illegal. 

We have a section devoted to every terpene out there relevant to your CBD journey you may want to read:

Broad-spectrum and CBD isolate contain zero THC. Broad-spectrum still maintains terpenes, whereas isolate is just CBD on its own. 

This doesn’t mean that CBD isolate isn’t any good as it doesn’t contain terpenes. In fact, vaping a concentrated amount of CBD ejuice could have great effects. One that we recommend for those seeking a fruity or sweet isolate flavour is CBD IBZ. 

CBD Vape Advice

Different Strengths

Cannabinoid vape juice comes in various strengths. When selecting your strength, make sure you check the bottle size. Buying a massive 100ml bottle for a cheap price isn’t the best idea.

The thing you need to consider how much it has been diluted by the other ingredients and what percentage CBD remains. For example, if you have a 100ml bottle contain 250mg this makes it 0.25% CBD. If you buy a 10ml bottle of CBD vape juice at 250mg then you’ll get 2.5% CBD. Which is a much better ratio! 

Solid CBD vape advice there!

We suggest that you start off on a lower dose and increase it over time. You will find concentrations of 250mg, 420mg, 1000mg and more. Make sure you always compare it to the size of the bottle to check if you are getting a good deal or not. 

Types of CBD ejuices 

You may have heard that many people use CBD in devices such as JUUL. While you can’t buy JUUL pods filled with CBD, apparently you can buy compatible ones – these are not endorsed or recommended though as there is zero oversight on their production and safety.

How do they work though? Well, these are pre-filled with some of the popular CBD e liquids out there. 

Other options include buying bottles of e liquid, buying pods and filling them yourself, or buying pre-filled pods.

Which device is best for CBD vape juice?

device for CBD vape juice

CBD e-liquid is best used with a pod device or starter kit. This is because they hit the ideal temperature and don’t have lots of air holes. As we mentioned previously, CBD vape juice is very runny and will be more likely to leak out of a big vape kit. This will be an expensive mistake! 

If you already vape as a way of quitting smoking, then you want to make sure you keep your CBD separate from your nicotine vape juice. We suggest you either have 2 devices or at least 2 separate tanks. 

Devices you might consider include, Athena Pod Kit from CBD Dispensary, Aspire Pockex and the X30 Rover. You can browse for some of our kits at our CBD Vape Kits store section.

Mistakes to avoid when vaping CBD 

CBD Vape Advice Tips

To finish up, we just want to recap a few mistakes to avoid, to ensure you get the most from vaping CBD.

  • Make sure you consider concentration levels 

Don’t just buy a big bottle of CBD vape oil because it is cheap, when it may mean that the concentration of CBD is very low. 

  • Buying hemp oil rather than CBD oil 

Hemp oil has very low levels of the cannabinoid. If you see a CBD e-liquid that contains high levels of hemp, then don’t buy it expecting the effects of CBD.

  • Don’t vape CBD oil or any oil 

 Oil is oil. E-liquid is e-liquid. They are two different things and oil is not designed to move through your lungs or a vape device. We have to mention THC oil here too. That is illegal. It has been the cause of cases of lipoid pneumonia in the US and subsequent deaths. 

  • Don’t put nicotine in your CBD 

Nicotine degrades the cannabinoid. If you are trying to quit smoking then have a separate tank or device for your nicotine e-liquids. 

  • Use the right kit and right tank

Make sure you aren’t using a kit with huge air holes and a big coil. Otherwise, the CBD vape oil will leak out, which will be an expensive and messy problem. 

What other CBD can you vape?

Vaping dry herb CBD flowers 

CBD flowers are a dry herb to be used in a dry herb vaporizer. They contain legal amounts of THC which will not get you high. Furthermore, they contain terpenes which have their own added benefits, providing you with the entourage effect.

Once you have vaped your flowers you can then eat the leftover plant matter by mixing with chocolate and topping brownies, sprinkling on butter or in your cooking. That’s right you can even make CBD edibles at home here.

CBD flowers aren’t legal everywhere though. Make sure you check in your country before you purchase or use CBD flowers.

Where to go now in your journey for CBD knowledge?

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