If you are looking for the best CBD Vape kits then you probably are aware that vaping CBD is the most bioavailable way to enjoy the cannabinoid. Meaning that it enters your bloodstream faster than other methods of taking it. 

This is one reason why people choose to vape CBD. Another reason being the flavours and authentic taste of the e-liquids. 

Best CBD Vape Kits for Vaping CBD

In this blog, we are going to share some of the best CBD kits for vaping CBD. You will notice that we don’t have any cloud chasing kits or anything with big air holes. This is because CBD e-liquid is high in PG, which will be prone to leaking out of this type of device. Instead, all the devices listed are more basic CBD vape kits, which are ideal for vaping CBD.

What is PG

PG, also known as Propylene Glycol, is used as part of the base of e-juice. It is colourless and odourless. This is used in a 50/50 ratio in nicotine e-liquids and is of thin consistency.

What is VG?

VG, also known as Vegetable Glycerine, is thick with a slightly sweet taste. It is used by nicotine vapers to produce huge clouds.

Why does this matter to which kit should I buy to vape CBD?

Well, CBD is a high PG e-liquid, up to around 80/20. This means that it is much thinner. The thin consistency makes it unsuitable for devices which have lots of airflow and big tanks. When thinking about choosing a device to vape CBD you need to consider your more basic starter kits. Here are a few which we recommend that you use to vape CBD.

Aspire Pockex 

The Aspire Pockex is an ideal CBD vape kit as it is simple to use and small enough to keep in your pocket. 

It comes in various colours to suit your style too, including pink, white, silver and black. The Aspire Pockex holds 2ml of CBD e-liquid and has a leak-proof design. A leak-proof design is the key to avoiding any expensive spillages. 

With the Aspire Pockex your battery should easily last a whole day, if not longer, depending on how often you are using it. 

Athena Refillable Pod Kit

Athena is a refillable pod kit. This is another really simple device to use so you don’t need to have any previous vaping experience or be technical. 

The Athena works at a low temperature. This is the ideal way to vape CBD e-liquid as a minimal amount of CBD e-juice will be lost into the air in the form of vape cloud.

Pods with this device are refillable. Therefore you will not have to throw them away after each use. Saving you money and the environment from single-use plastics. 

X30 Rover

The X30 Rover is a starter kit with a few bells and whistles and a great device to vape CBD. With this kit, you can make adjustments to the watts and see the battery life on the LED screen. Again, you fill this up from the top to avoid spills. 

Nautilus AIO Pod from Aspire

Here is another pod device which makes the list for best CBD vape kits. Originally, it was designed for nicotine e-liquids, however, its design makes for the ideal CBD device. 

The kit is small, discreet and stylish. It comes in blue, jade, silver, black, red and purple and has a satin finish. It has adjustable airflow so you can make the draw tighter if that is how you enjoy vaping CBD.

You can easily fill up the 2ml pod and click it back into place. Just as with the Athena, Nautilus AIO is refillable so you don’t have to keep buying pods every time your CBD e-liquid runs out. 

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CBD Vape Kits

There are just three great CBD vape kits. You can find more on our website. If you are unsure which one will be best suited for you then have a chat with us on live chat, phone or email. There are real people behind this website, who know stuff. Let’s chat.

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