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Looking for a brand new Dry Herb Vape kit? Perhaps your device is a bit old or maybe you’re looking for a higher-quality vape device, no problem! Here at CBDStar we have a vast range of products for your CBD flowers.

Featuring highly recommended and highly praised products such as the G Pen Pro, PAX III, and the Vapium Lite Kit. All brilliant kits.

The featured Dry Herb Vaporizers are perfect for all types of CBD flowers. We know that the price of a vape product is extremely important to you, the consumer, that is why our featured vape products come in a range of prices. From low to high, all Dry Herb Vape pens are extremely high-quality regardless of the price tag. The collection has dry herb kits for all types of vapers, beginners and advanced vapers. Grab a brand new, high-grade dry herb vape kit from CBDStar today.

What is a dry herb vape kit?

A dry herb vape kit is a vaporising device that heats up plant matter or combustible material to release vapour or 'fumes' to allow the user to inhale. Dry herb vape kits offer an alternative to smoking herbs. For those who want to remove tobacco or the smell of cigarettes from their life, then a dry herb vape kit is a great option.

What types of dry herb vape kits are there?

There are several types of dry herb vape kits. These include wax vape pens, traditional dry herb pens and the cartomiser style. The wax vape pens cover many dry herb brands, including Pax with their Pax 3 kit that has a wax or oil tray. This allows users to vape more than just plant matter. Not all dry herb kits can handle wax though, and for some the simplest solution is to use a specially made cartomiser, such as the world renowned 'Brass Knuckles'. These let you fill them up and screw them on top of a conventional cbd vape kit battery.

What is the best dry herb vape kit brand?

The leading brands include G Pen and Pax, but they aren't the only dry herb vape pen brands, and we are working on building out our range of brands all the time. Obviously we trial them first!

Is dry herb vaping safe?

We aren't medical professionals and the industry is still relatively young. Around a decade. This means whether the vaping of plant matter is or isn't safe, and whether inhaling dry herbs is safe, are two things that we wouldn't comment on. We advise all adults who purchase these dry herb vape kits to consider any risk to themselves along with any existing medical conditions they have and seek advice. Having spoken to regulation bodies previously, it is frowned upon us even airing a professional medical opinion on our site, in case it gives us or the products any credibility, when the Government position is generally quite slow in the UK. Make of that what you will.

How do I use a dry herb vape kit?

Every dry herb vaporiser is different but all our products come with clear instructions on use. If you are ever struggling, our webchat now includes the video option so we can talk you through setting it up.



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