CBD FAQ done in video format? CBDStar prides itself on being a specialist in CBD retail. If you have a question you need answering, then you will find most of the basic CBD questions below. But why not check out our CBD video done in conjunction with Vape and Juice TV below.

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Is CBD legal to buy?

CBD made from the hemp plant is entirely legal to buy in the UK and across the EU. It is also legal in Australia, USA and Canada. It is legal within the EEA also. This list is not exhaustive, but it is fairly widely available the world over. 

Does CBD get you high?

CBD contains trace elements of THC. In most of the world CBD products are made from hemp crop. Hemp crop is much lower levels of THC than the traditional Cannabis plant. Although they both are Cannabis plants, it is Marijuana strains that contain the part that gets you high. This bit is called THC, or Tetra-Hydro-Cannabidiol. CBD on it’s own will not get you high. There are some products masquerading as CBD on the market but contain spice an illegal synthetic drug. No credible retailer would touch them.

Does CBD show up in drug tests?

Providing your CBD has only trace levels of THC (0.2% in the UK) then there is little to no chance of it showing up in a drugs test. In fact you are as likely to fail a test on cannabis levels from CBD oil, as you are from using hemp seed oil to cook with. This is because they are from the same plant.

What does CBD look like?

CBD comes in many forms, it can come in crystals, isolate powder, CBD drops, CBD eliquid, even a flower bud that looks like something you may have seen growing on it’s sister plant Marijuana. Safe to say, nothing we sell is illegal to sell, buy, own or carry. 

Can I smoke CBD flower buds?

You certainly can, in fact many do. For those who prefer not to use an eliquid vape kit, you can still use it in a classic rolling cigarette paper, or even a dry herb vape kit. Check out the dry herb vape kits or ‘weed pens‘ as they are sometimes called, by clicking the bold text.

Is CBD safe?

CBD is considered an organic natural product. In it’s purest form it is completely GMO free and is generally grown outdoors free of pesticides. Taken as a herbal supplement alongside a clean delivery method, such as CBD drops, or a dry herb vape kit, there have been no reported problems in the decades it has been consumed. 

Can I use my vape pen for CBD?

CBD eliquids are considered the best way to absorb CBD into your body. That means if you have a simple vape kit already then you can save yourself some money and use that. We suggest using lower powered vape kits and not big cloud vape kits as much is wasted in the production of clouds with the high powered kits. That means wasted CBD. CBD is generally made in a runnier liquid for vaping, and when used in big tanks, used to vaping thicker cloud ejuice, the CBD can leak and again cause wastage. For advice on vape kits for CBD, just ask on our web chat or visit our CBD vape kits section.

What is CBD good for?

CBD has long been touted as a potential breakthrough therapy in many areas. While few have been officially sign off on medicinal grounds yet, much has happened in the last couple of years. In 2018 the home office prescribed a CBD oil for a young epilepsy sufferer after Doctors reported that seizures stopped when it was administered. Cannabis as a therapy was used by Queen Victoria for period pain. One licensed CBD product is Sativex by UK pharmaceutical firm GW Pharma.

Anecdotally, CBD is considered popular for:
Inflammation; Fatigue; Depression; Insomnia; Epilepsy; Muscle Recovery; Anxiety; Paranoia; and also Cancer pain. In 2017, the MHRA (UK Medicines Authority) said CBD meets all of the safety, quality and efficiency standards to class it as medicinal.

CBD testing for effectiveness across a range of syptoms began in 2017 by Kings College School of Medicine in London. Meanwhile, the following year, UK doctors have been given permission to prescribe Cannabis oils in selected cases since 2018. CBD oils contain trace levels of THC, which means they are available over the counter for the moment. It is our goal to be in position to be a medicinally licensed dispensary in the event this becomes applicable in the UK.

Is there any proof CBD works?

Epidiolex is a Cannabis oil medicine that is fully licensed in the UK. It is used to treat the symptoms of Epilepsy and reduce seizures. This is approved by the MHRA in the UK which means it has undergone considerable testing and is proven to be effective.

Sativex, is another cannabis medicine which is used to treat side effects of Multiple Sclerosis as well as neuropathic pain. This is pain created as a result of damage or disease to parts of the somatasensory nervous system. Both of these drugs are medicinally licensed and have taken many years to come to licensing. This has been in spite of restrictive UK and EU laws on cannabis healthcare and as such it is hoped that with the warming of opinion over healthcare focused cannabis, that more licensed treatments will come to the fore.

Sativex and Epidiolex are touted for their high doses of CBD and if this is element that is doing the good work, then it may not be any surprise that high dose CBD is drawing such acclaim from users of CBD oils.